Hall of Fame

The Iron Realms

Leafblight (1st December 2015 - 29th March 2016)

Leafblight was an elvish battlemage originating from the White Woods, the region where Grimbrand met his end. As allies of the White Wolf Ulnar, she was naturally inclined to assist the party when they met, and took the task of guiding them through her homeland.

Gradually, however, the woods and their denizens seemed to turn on the adventurers. Finally, her own people began to launch all-out attacks on them, forcing Leafblight to fight and kill many. When it emerged that one of the 12 secret hierarchs of the White Wood had been possessed by a demon and gone rogue, the party decided to make their escape from the Woods. Reluctantly, Leafblight went along, though vowing to return and free her people and home from this abomination.

Her chance came much sooner than she expected as the rogue heirarch tracked the party to an inn and attacked them. Leafblight soared to the attack but was killed instantly by a Death Spell. Her quest was achieved, though, as her companions managed to slay the heirarch after her death.

Appearance Death Final Character Sheet


Sondir (5th April 2016)

Sondir was another elvish battlemage (sorry) who never had time to tell anyone his place of origin, goals or history. He made the mistake of first aiding the thief Tahlia in concealing the magic-item-eating Fire Sentinel Immolan from the vengeance of the rest of the party and then (having learned what the creature actually was) trying to kill it by hurling it down a well. Only a very few charred ashes remained of Sondir after that.A die-fast.

Appearance and Death Character Sheet

Ta'id Sef (12th April 2016 - )

Ta'id Sef is a dwarvish sorcerer from the Dread Hills who possesses the rare gift of Rockwalking.

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Grimbrand Bludgeon (27th October 2015 - 1st December 2015)

Heavy-boned, even for a dwarf and square-set, he had thick brown hair and beard, piercing blue eyes and greyish skin. He disdained edged weapons ("for sissies who can't hit hard enough"), missiles ("elvish tomfoolery") and magic ("poofs in dresses") in favour of crushing weapons, most notably his warhammer "the Leveller".

He always carried a small piece of gold, because dwarves always have to have some gold.

Despite his fearsome strength, he never got to strike a blow before he was killed in the White Woods by bandits.

Rollsheet Final Character Sheet


Isirion (18th August 2015 - 27th October 2015)

A Vampyre sorcereress with no morals or loyalty, Iisiron followed her hungers for magical power and blood to Castle Haddon, where she was involved (mostly with amusement from the sidelines) in the fall of Karnak and Haddon, and especially in the chaos of the riots that followed.

She specialized in changes of form and seemings, and of charms, suggestion, domination and emotional control of mere mortals ("pulseboys") and her cat familiar Abbadon reflected her attitude.She was a Spellsinger in Clairvoyance.

Of her vampirism, she would only say that the thinning of the human herd by the removal of the weak and incautious was an evolutionary benefit.

Purused with the rest of her party by the mysterious Not-Really-A-City-Guard Geoff, she was surprised by him on the way over Hell's Ridge, made the fatal error of trying to use Darkness to confuse him, and was assassinated with a cheese-wire.

Rollsheet Final Character Sheet


Lord Vainner (2nd June 2015 - 11th August 2015 (retired))

Mercenary and son of a mercenary, Vainner's father was a sell-sword for the crazed Lord Ansar. His son sought a better life working for the rising King Rooster, only to become unemployed when Brevan's dragons destroyed Rooster and his army. Joining up with the party, he sold his services to them and became enmeshed in the struggle against Brevan, Maldarac and Algarth. The final struggle with Algarth happened in Ansar's castle of Stormstone, and Vainner siezed the chance to step into the fallen Lord's shoes and take over his lands, renaming them Vainndor and hiring the assassin El Lechón Adoptado Asesino del mejor espadachín del Reino to wipe out all Ansar's surviving kin.

Pausing only to reorganize Vainndor as a purely business enterprise designed to hire out Ansar's handily oversized armies to the highest bidder, he accompanied his companions on one last adventure to slay the insane Lord Brevan and the renegade Death God Maldarac.

The forces of Vainndor remain for hire for wars, parties, and Bar Mitzvahs.

Rollsheet Final Character Sheet


Haglar Moongold (10th March 2015 - 2nd June 2015)

A sorcerer of House Arawan, Haglar of the Thousand Faces specialized in changes of form and semblances, seldom appearing the same two days in a row. Attaching himself to the army of King Rooster Brevan, he was drawn into a direct attack on the undead Maelstrom master Lord Brevan, attacked him as a Wraithformed, Polymorphed man-sized dragon, managed to damage Brevan with a silver dagger poisoned by El Lechón Adoptado, but blew a parry immediately afterward and was killed

Rollsheet Final Character Sheet



A paladin of the Lord of Fire, with the mysterious abilities of a Fire Dancer, Domfront accompanied Rooster Brevan through thick and thin in his ascent to the throne, before being Unmade by the Maelstrom fighting the spirit of Lord Brevan south of Arrakan.



An elf with the abilities of Truthtell and Spirit Reading, Glock was killed by bandits in a village so minor that no-one remembers its' name.




A classic meat-head fighter from the Kalador Forest, Tarrun is by no means agile or bright, preferring rather to use his massive muscles and gloomy attitude to bludgeon the opposition into submission.. His monumental axe-strikes earned him the name Tarrun of the Axe, a name reinforced by the acquisition of the greataxe Xaren from the hoard on Ralgah after the extermination of the population by Bludger's plague. He became positvely doom-laden after assisting the mad priest Fresent Grath to destroy most of the Kalador forest and then discovering that Elena had followed her father and brother down the path into Darkness. Tarrun was my last character to walk the hills of Grayhawk.



Aldhros was a Myrid thief who, having been saved from an outraged mark in the inn where the party were staying, attempted to boost a scroll from a market stall and was roasted by the unexpectedly high-level proprietor.


Mako Naimsut

Despite being half demon, half aquan elf, Mako was not a freaky fish guy. He was a sword cultist, and the son of the demon lord of the Plane of Blades. His father must have been really disappointed in him though, because he died in his first fight.



A female black orc paladin of Elena, companion of the grey orc noble Lanfring. After his unfortunate death due to the whole of the party's abandonment of him to guard an important person, she went all-out for vengeance and to stop the wave of undead filling Estal City as the struggle with Fenrak worked its' way to its' climax. She fell early in the last struggle with Fenrak, vaporized by a void-ball.


Posthumous Staines

Posty was an Allorin sorcerer of great intelligence and potential, who was among the adventurers recruited by Ajimar for the revolt in Sturridge. Joining his friends in the pit-fights in the Arena tavern, his attempt to use Shocking Grasp as a Sunday Punch in an unarmed fight was foiled by a skilled dodge and savage riposte by his opponent. His early death was absolutely nothing to do with his risible name in the slightest. Really. No chance.



Urasai Noroka

Urasai was a Darklander very far from home. His faith in Jarik, while very strong, was not as much his guiding principle as his determination to support justice. Most currently, that led him to Skoorl, where he intended to aid the efforts to overthrow the Estallian invaders with as much extremism as he could bring to bear. Distinctive in the extreme with his red Darklander armour and cultural weapons, he disdained stealth and subterfuge (for himself, though happy to work with others who do not), preferring direct action and honourable battle. When the party split over Duchess Vilana, he sided with those intending to kill her, was Dominated by Kigallin and made to sit the the fight out before being unceremoniously despatched afterwards.


Thrais Pac Venomdart

A Black Orc assassin with a preference for poisoned arrows, Thrais was a distant cousin of Adriana's. Close combat did not appeal to him and he preferred the use of missile weapons wherever possible. Having arrived at the Academy of the Dragon to enlist just after the deaths of Faros and Reds Dûl, he found himself uprooted and dumped in the Darklands with Adriana, Khed, Der Frak and Ranik Darn. The discovery that orcs were among the major powers here opened new realms of possibility to Thrais, although for the moment he found himself fighting them more often than not. The slaying of the ogre-mage Savoth Halfclaw was one of his high points, and along with Adriana he survived the quest to the point of setting out for home astride the ancient dragon Old Karn. After the party was inexplicably shot out of the sky by the Eyeless Ones and stranded on the island of Farron. He was caught up in the Great Teleportation Disaster which wiped out Adriana and her comrades in the attempt to return to the Academy of the Dragon..



Faros Everreach

A Rosen Thief, and in his youth probably the worst thief in Grayhawk, Faros was one of the Dragon Masters and a Master at the Academy of the Dragon. Together with Morik Hargath, he earned the titles Godslayer and Grandmaster by killing Malakar. Loved by the daywalker Rosa, he struggled to balance that love, his loyalty to the Academy, and his desire to free his Rosen homeland from the clutches of the demons and Malakarians. Learning that Muziel had siezed control of the kingdom, he and his fellows launched an unwise attack in which he died at Muziel's hands, the last surviving student of Ariel and last Master of the Ishtarian style..


Kitako Hakeshu

A Mosharak sword cultist, notable only for a heroic mounted charge against Ko'Amar near the great Drenai ridge before being killed by a Malakarian spy at Port Alivos. Nearly a die-fast. Roll Sheet. Character Sheet.


Malmyr Greyflame

A Bretonian priest of Elena with an inborn skill for turning demons, he befriended a colour-changing magical cat before being killed by Drenai irregulars.


Lither Ré-Thil

A Khuldraqi sorceress and prospective necromancer, Lither was drawn into the events surrounding the Dragon Master Salabrand. She was killed by an ogre early in the campaign, leaving only her jeweled silver arm-glove to mark her existence.


Garibaldi Shrewsbury

Garibaldi was a sorcerer from Dharak, son of a fisherman and determined to become a wizard of note. He was cut down by the Archpriest Vanyar at the formation of the Daemark.


Lord Odira Stormstar

A Lokus nobleman, 4th in line to the throne, he had far more trouble adjusting to his new companions' eglatarian attitude to the 'lower orders' than he had to their (and his) undeath as creatures of Rootvile. The acquisition of a Malakarian demonbow made him an enthusiastic if inaccurate archer, leading to his death in an ambush.




A Tallik priest of Jarik cowardly and greedy for magical items but very good-looking, who arrived at Junction town expecting a quiet time at the sleepy shrine there, only to discover the High Priest Badal Chaining had just consecrated a full-blown temple. Not wanting to get involved in the hoo-ha around the arrival of dead bodies on the altar and so on, he repaired to the pub with some rowdies and got involved in a brawl which soon turned deadly. After stealing a magical dagger in the confusion and then being hypnotized into giving it away, he was shot by the militia who turned out to suppress the brawl. A die-fast despite surviving the first part of the fight.



A grey orc sword cultist from the Olshay range who brought a new perspective to the craft of the Sword Cultist, shaping a technique based on an orcish philosophy - fight, survive, overcome, kill; by any means possible. A firm atheist, who lived by the creed 'There is no God but the edge of the Blade'. After gaining an insight into some of the lost lore of Ishtar, he established a training school in van Myrid named after the original Rihaj.


Brazer Silverbow

A half-elf of Marraq and Nuleyn parentage, Brazer was a drunken delinquent abuser of the gifts of the Mara Tree. His main use of telepathy was to cause trouble and bum free drinks. He was, however, pretty serious about disliking the idea of Elenorians conquering the world, or continuing to breathe for that matter. Wearing the Mantle of Kal, took part in the siege of Van Myrid and the first attack on the mad Elenorian Queen, in which he was killed.


Herla Okvar

A Malakaran priestess from Middenheim. Herla was tiny, only 5'2" tall, but iron-hard in her convictions. Her faith in the Dark Lord and his inevitable destiny of conquest upon his return was unshakable. She travelled with and attempted to convert Arviel, grandson of Valadain Raikos.



A Jezharrain assassin (the name means 'Dream Burner'). While only ever a mediocre poisoner, Traumbrenner was a very effective killer with blades. He and Batista founded the assassin-spy teams known as The Exterminators. Both were killed in the destruction of Hell's Bay.


Jorgensen Coppereye

An Asharoki warrior with a very strong demon heritage and golden-red glowing eyes, Jorgensen happened on the vast crater left when Damula, Taryn, Taymar and others destroyed the Mountain Dragon. He assisted in defending Prince Antigor from - strangely - his own crack troops, but when the party encountered a mysterious Darklander bent on the same mission (recovery of the sword Jewel) his tendency to plunge in first and ask questions later got the better of him and he was killed along with the mourning lady ranger Indermere. A die-fast.



Damula Darkbreaker

A Myrrid apprentice paladin of Elena, last survivor of an Elenian mission into the Olshay Range to investigate the reason for large numbers of Malakarian priests in the area.



A martial artist from from the Kalador Forest, doomed to be one of the Damned by Malaras' trip to the Hells, redeeemed by the death of Naarl, and finally killed by priests of Malakar.


A Lokus elf thief and gambler. Stole from a variety of interesting people before trying to backstab Queen Illyanth and being slaughtered.



An Elenorian necromancer, who acquired the Xenarth stone after the killing of the Eldrych Master. His studies into it were encouraged by Illeum Runesabre, but his companions did not trust his motives and turned on him.


Torpakan was a Jezharrain daywalker, spawned late in the Milas era, who joined the party at the port in the city of Salik. Accompanying them into the mountains in order to start a mining operation, he unwisely set out alone to eliminate the witnesses to their acquisition of the mine and - despite some really impresive first-level stats - was killed by eleven old codgers. A diefast..


Deverrask Sunhammer

A rock dwarf and a sword cultist - an unlikely mixture, and one not likely to last long, on the face of it. Nonetheless, despite disavowing armour (all a true Sword Cultist needs is the One True Blade), he survived many challenging battles until falling finally to a coward's weapon - a bow.

Talaran Runepiper

An Elenorian ranger, who specialized in the longbow and gained brief mastery over Time


Nalgron Astorian

A hired killer and assassin from Eren, who cut a swathe through the underworld of Nyrnik and was well on the way to becoming a true master when the Cataclysm struck Nyrnik. One of the few survivors, he quit Greyhawk in Morikand's company shortly afterwards.




A pyromancer from Estallia, who became a wizard while surviving Morikand and Vetrick, created some interesting new spells, and was finally slain by Muziel.. Final Sheet.

Aldanor Carlomin

A paladin of Jarik, on a rite of passage when he stumbled across the mountain retreat of Morikand Bitchpiss. After particpating in the slaying of Drusor Luckwarden in a very minor way, he was also Unmade by Asigoth. One lucky survival away from being a true Diefast..


A Grey Orc priest of Elena, attached to Morikand, Vetrick and Graz Tak's party in van Myrid. Rescued Dorik Luckwarden from the Abyss and was Unmade by the demon assassin Asigoth.

Orbelain Scarlic

An Eldrow warrior, hopelessly lost in the Southlands until he blundered into Morikand, Graz Tak and company. Through study in Gressil's library on the Abyss, Orbelain became the greatest tactical mind since Loramas, and placed himself in direct opposition to Drusor Luckwarden, but experience proved more than a match for raw talent when they finally met in battle.

Hokaru Temochi

A Darklander sorcerer from Kulland, specializing in Necromancy with the initial intention of avenging his father's death at the hands of undead. However, the acquisition of several very powerful necromantic items plus his coming into contact with Ileum Runesabre deflected him from that path onto quite another.



An Elenorian warrior and follower of Elena, Aravan was a fugitive from her native Elenoria but untroubled by her past until she met and became friends with the Marraq Amblay. Together, the pair dreamed of reconciliation between Elenorian and Marraq, and this principle was expressed to the ultimate when Aravan became pregnant by the Marrag Amorhaz. Following the deaths of both Amblay and the unborn child, however, her spirit was darkened by despair and unfocussed, uncontrolled rage.


A Jezharrain archer of noble birth, slain almost immediately after making the acquaintance of Malethrax. A diefast.

Hujal Nazan

Freshly come from the Steppes to the cites of the Drenai oppressors of his people, Hujal had become sick of following his chosen path of magic amongst a culture of warriors and goat-thieves. The conflict between his Nadir nature and his desire to master the sorcery he was born to drove him into strange company. Choosing the strange and unpredictable path of the Words of Power, he at first became a follower of Malakar and then strove against him, primarily motivated by his lusts for plunder, chaos, wealth and women. Travelling with the Melelothian Malathrax, he worked some very significant permanent magic before finally dying in battle with Malakar's servants.


A Marraq warrior, wielding a sword as well as the classic Darkbow of his people, heir to the deep grievances lying between the Children of Mara and the Elenorian elves, Kedaros became a knight sworn to the dark service of the new God Malakar and placed himself in opposition to the priests of Elena wherever he found them.

Merlynar Transen

An elven priest of Willowstar, trained as a demon-hunter in the Elenorian Forest, embroiled with Elena, Malakar, Runesabre, Korven and the Lady Valinar. Confronted with dreadful contradictions and dilemmas over his faith and its' consequences, he nonetheless remained true to his honour to the end.

Kareida Reyan

A Menelothian sorceress in an era when there are supposedly no Menelothians left alive in Greyhawk, whose bloodline also included the lupine, and whose average looks belied a vicious bad temper. She followed her magic to New Bretonia and became involved in the beginnings of the civil war that unseated Gundren.

Azrak Radimas

A diefast.

Melanamor Scolex

A diefast.


Valadain Raikos Godslayer

A dedicated, even fanatical priest of Malkar, a quarter-demon and nephew to the 'God of Good', Valadain descended through doubt and despair to a new understanding of himself, and ultimately slew his God, aided by his half-brother Illeum Runesabre, finally coming to find his home as the Consort of Queen Illyanth of Elenoria.

Many years later he was to die at the hands of that same Queen, fighting to prevent her invading the rest of Grayhawk with demons.


A Jandraki spy, involved briefly in the quest to free the Glaenynn, his career was cut short untimely by an unfortunate 'friendly fire' incident which resulted in the assassin Vance Dexton shooting him in the back of the head with the Bow of the Isles.

Pelwing Holgund

An Erenlander druid who befriended the bear-tiger Uriong, particiapted in the freeing Northern Erenland from the harsh winter, and rescued the egg of the dragon Korusane at the opening of the quest for the Glaenynn.

Selemar Gylin Deathsbane

A warrior of the Ygran elves, Selemar attached herself to Agrius Shalandir the Assault Priest and became dedicated to Andurien Willowstar. Her consecrated blade Shadura was responsible for the slaying of the Reaper and the disruption that caused. Pursued by Malador's lust, she ended up in the Darklands, where Agrius was to meet his end, and fell finally into the power of the usurper and was made pregnant. Her death precluded the results of this conception.

Dorguld Cavdrol

A die-fast.

Stron Nurband

A Marraq archer with powerful mental powers, he did not survive the sewers of Adnar.


Kceb Nembren

A Lantrian burglar who blundered into the Plane of Sleep, he became involved in matters too dangerous for him and was killed by his fellow thieves in Estal City.

Tero Vrindon

A Landrian ranger and keen amatuer botanist, travelling in the Elenorian Forest at the time of Glaramir Rorna's death. Feeling ready for anything with his trusty warhammer Migraine, he was outmatched by the demon Axarthur and died without landing a blow. Technically a diefast.

Glaramir Rorna

Glaramir was a Jezharrain sorcerer, vengeful and evil, descended from one of Milas' trusted vassals and cursed with the power of the Tenth Art of Magic. He held Balek's Bane for a while, and constructed several powerful magical items of his own, including the mace Mlorgul, after specializing in demonology. A hater of all humans, he assisted the Assault Priest Agrius in wiping out the entire town of Upper Boswick. He was a member of the party that unmasked the false God Hofgar and slew him. In the end he was killed by Agrius for summoning Willowstar to save him from the Abyss.


An Iron Dwarf tunnel fighter, Dorsandar and his axe Fiendcleaver were initially very successful, but succumbed to an electrical trap in the sorceror Olodor's workroom.

Velsin Senden

A Muhaki elf from Kulland, Velsin was a sorcerer of some power, and very effective against the mysterious Murnar with fireballs unleashed from 600' above. The Fireball spell was to be his bane, however.

Glenarrion, Lord of Shadows

An Estallian ranger from a family that had survived Fermat's occupation, Glenarrion fought beside Barrios at the siege of Urak, and wielded the ill-omened sword Fangor Kinslayer beside Arden bin Shalutek, holder of the Reaper's Tooth. Together, the pair crossed into Primal magic, becoming bonded with their blades forever. He aided the throne-thief Vaslavi in his conquest of Skoorl, slew Milas Daywalker, and joined Vaslavii and several others in the hunt for Demerak. Glenarrion was killed more than once, but his soul was safe within Kinslayer's blade and he took new bodies as he needed them. Arden and Glenarrion went back through time to speak with Chael and meet Loramas. Finally meeting Demerak head-on, Glenarrion was the only survivor of the battle which finally brought him down.

After that he went into seclusion for many years, before emerging to fight the demon Azael beside the Glaenynn, Malkar and Valadain.

Mërn Valin

Mërn was a die-fast whose only claim to fame was to fall in the same battle as Dyrn Calibar (the only man resurrected for the last 5,000 years) and Sionis, Maiden of Malkar.


Hûra Mardor

Hûra was a grey orc of enormous size and strength, a brutal warrior whose greataxe Soothslayer and shortsword Knightsbane were key in many battles. The sword was christened after his singlehanded slaying of the black paladin Malashak. King Alistair made him a Knight Commander for his part in the King's rescue from slavery. He fought at the siege of Urak and crossed blades with Milas, though inconclusively, before dying there.

Jukka Sulkumaki

A diefast.

Red Sharon

A jailor's daughter from the Elenorian Forest, Sharon was a true adventuress, devil-may-care, brawling, drinking, and not spending a lot of time worrying or thinking. An unfortunate bargain with a demon left her with no soul, but this was no great inconvenience and she cheerfully played her part in the hunt for the True King of Estallia.

Skessuc of Clan Nakhra

A Jezharrain Judicial Champion, Skessuc was primarily concerned with learning about the world outside Jezharra for most of his life, but after a selfless act of healing from the Malkaran priest Fangstrom became a commited follower of Malkar, dedicating his great two-handed sword Ending of Stories to the cause of the White God. Ultimately, he planned to return to Jezharra and reverse his people's decline with a new cause; redemption to the Malkaran faith.


Erlain Voidwalker

Erlain was a Menelothian rune sorcerer, with a burning hatred of the Jezharrain that was to colour his whole career. Escaping from their slavery with Barrios the Tunnel Fighter, he built his mastery of the Runes until he mastered the Void and became a Primal being. Wielding the Unmaker's Blade, he, Barrios, Sarik Ramadiaus I of Bretonia and others slew the Orc God Fermat, and he aided Sarik's restoration to his throne before himself becoming Emperor of Menelothia. Despite the fact that his magic was rapidly escaping his control to consume him, he forged a peaceful, thriving, strong empire with good relations to most of its' neighbors. However, this era came to an abrupt end when Barrios slew both Erlain and Sarik.


Shendraut, Dancer with the Dead

Sendraut was a Minos assassin, with a bewildering ability to assume a wide variety of different personae in order to pass undetected. He dallied with the probably-dead mother of the noble adventurer Count Mastarn, woke a dragon, slew an Elvenking, and blew a mountain off the face of Greyhawk. He was the first non-orc to enter Aldegarde since Fermat captured it, and stole the spear Azhadan there. Fermat himself was too much for Shendraut and his companions.



A young burglar from Rosengrad, Lorlucan was present in the Living Citadel at the time of the Prophecies and the Siege of said citadel. He acquired some abilties to control it, and steered it beyond the siege into a strange parallel future land, before returning to the 'real' Greyhawk some 5,000 years later - the Fifth Millenium. Lorlucan briefly wore the armour of Van Trek, and died in the company of Jeran the Mind of Steel and Moashan the last Eldrych.