Nalgron Astarion

(26th March 2008 - 23rd April 2008)
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Nalgron Astorian is a rough and ready individual from the grubby slums of Erenhaven.

Brought up in the school of hard knocks, he gives nothing for nothing, although will honour a favour or obligation if he feels one is due. Early in his life he noticed that most people had some qualms about killing other people, and would - generally - rather have someone else do it for them. As a business niche it seemed to have few drawbacks; the primary customer was unlikely to complain if the business was successfully concluded, and the secondary customer definitely wasn't. He fought his way into the Guild School in Erenhaven, impressing the senior assassins by the immense endurance and toughness he demonstrated. After graduating from his basic training [something happened] and he found himself in Gressil's library and amongst some of the most terrifying stone killers he'd ever met or imagined.

His motto - 'Fair fights are for idiots' - summarizes his approach, and he will slay from a position of maximum strength and escapability wherever possible.

Rage and Sorrow are his twin scimitars, used together, with Rage in his right hand as the attacking weapon and Sorrow in his left as the parrying blade. Since the binding into them of the interlaced demons from the Twin Hells, he confidently expects them to be significant in the future.

He keeps records of kills performed in a professional capacity; people dispatched for other reasons or in self-defence are less significant and slightly embarrassing.

Nalgron is a hired killer and quite comfortable being one.

After Morikand and Vetrick's lightning coup in Nyrnik, Nalgron made contact with the local assassin's guild there, and, teaming up with Albar Jasten, cut a swathe through the deadwood left behind from the previous regime. Always lightly disguised as someone else, he rapidly mastered the art of getting in, getting the kill, getting out, and getting paid, in one case arranging a punishment beating of one of Vetric's allies who wouldn't cough up.

He participated in Vetrick and Morikand's extermination of the priests of Malakar in Nyrnik, and was one of the very few survivors after the cataclysmic riposte by the outraged God. Albar did not survive, and so when Morikand voiced a desire to quit the Prime Material permanently, Nalgron offered his services on an ongoing basis to the Demon Master, and the pair left Greyhawk for destinations unknown....