Velsin Senden

Velsin Senden

(15th June 2004 - 29th July 2004)
Initial Sheet

Velsin was a Muhaki elf from the lands of the Kull, originally in service to Barrios and training as a sorcerer at Aldegarde. Once his training was complete, he left the Menelothian Empire and headed out into the world to seek his fortune.

Arriving in the village of Upper Boswick, he and his companions became involved with the strange goings-on there, aiding the village in its' defence against the monsters coming out of the Olshae Range and helping to protect Sylvaris, the Grandfather Tree.

Eventually, things came to a head between the party and Murnar, a twisted and corrupted fallen nobleman from Helmsrick, and they fought and killed him; Velsin's use of Fireballs from 600' above the combat having a major effect.

During the exploration of Murnar's manse on the edge of Upper Boswick, however, Velsin and his companions were attacked by a devil , clearly escaped from Murnar's pentagram. Fleeing from this into the crypts under the manse, they ran healong into an evil sorcerer. He and Velsin exchanged Fireballs in a narrow corridor, and Velsin died in the flames that resulted.