(19th April 2005 - 24th May 2005)
Initial Sheet

Magorianís family, though of good standing in the rather peculiar Jandraki society, were not supporters of the current regime, and were regarded as beneath contempt by the majority of other nobles. Their tendency to trustworthiness in contracts and agreements made little difference to this. The family was also not especially forceful or aggressive, either. As a result, their fortunes were only average for their rank and Magorianís upbringing was not as privileged as it otherwise could have been.

He was seriously ill as a very small child, and has a nervous fear of disease and sickness.

His father Lucago arranged for the young Magorian Ė his only son - to be trained as a mage in his early teens, but the process of endless study bored him and his ability to retain the required mental patterns was only average. He also displayed a tendency to risk-taking which is generally a bad feature in a mage.

This led him into the streets, and into the subculture of the Jandraki city Hagalir where the family had itsí main home. He learned many hard lessons in the harsh environment, and discovered an aptitude for gathering and selling information. This came to a head when he was caught, aged 17, stealing documents from a very well-placed nobleís offices in the city. Forced to leave in a hurry, he set out to find a better arena to perfect his abilities.

He encountered the party (including the disguised Vance Dexton) outside the Eren Woods, just after the death of Pelwing, and helped deliver the druid's body and Korusane's egg to the Glaucyn Grove. There, the death of Rogar and the Ring of Shariyr opened the way to the quest to free the Glaennyn dragon-gods from the prison the pre-Kirruk Gods had sealed them in.

Dubious as to the wisdom of doing this, the party side-tracked towards Gran Breton, intending to research the Glaennyn and decide if they actually wanted them free. During the terrible winter crossing of the mountains between Rosen and New Bretonia, they encountered a bewildering array of monsters, including a village of dying vampires whom Vance poisoned while pretending to heal.

From them, Fly Tarren obtained a blood-shedding necromantic staff, which attracted even more hostile attention, including an undead enwrapped in flies, a Rosen sorcerer, and a talking wolf. The constant onslaught of enemies outside the range of his thrown missiles finally caused Magorian to snap, and he charged recklessly into combat while missiles were flying; one of Vance Dexton's arrows caught him in the back and killed him instantly.