Brazer Silverbow

(30th June 2009 - 15th September 2009)
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A half-elf of Marraq and Nuleyn parentage, Brazer is a drunken delinquent abuser of the gifts of the Mara Tree. His main use of telepathy is to cause trouble and bum free drinks. He is, however, pretty serious about disliking the idea of Elenorians conquering the world, or continuing to breathe for that matter.

Having attached himself to Taryn's group for no better reason than to kill Elenorians, he accompanied them to various interesting places, partying and seducing women by the simple but unfair trick of reading from their minds the best possible things for him to say or do. Things became more serious, however, in the Caves of the Dead under the Kalador forest. There, the party acquired the iconic items of the ancestral hero Lord Kal with the aim of using them to assault and kill the mad demon-tainted Elenorian Queen Illyanth. Brazer's share of this was the headband known as the Mantle of Kal, which massively increased his powers of telepathy.

The group then moved on to Van Myrid, which was under siege by the Elenorians, and took part in its' defence. Against incredible odds, the defenders threw back the hordes of Elenorians and demons that attacked the battered city. Taryn and Hoerskarl were the main fighters for the party, slaughtering red swathes through the enemy, with G-Lest adding more and more Malakarian power to the fray. Brazer flexed the new powers of his boosted brain, scattering deadly illusions into minds, forcing men to leap from the battlements to their deaths or put out their own eyes in synchronized horror. His unique skills of compartmentalization allowed him to fight mentally and physically at the same time, and his ability to position markers for every enemy they faced on a mental map in the minds of each of his comrades gave them a cohesion the Elenorians couldn't beat.

The siege was eventually broken. At the moment of victory, Illyanth tried to decoy a human void-bomb into the city; in the process of defeating this, Brazer found himself inadvertantly in mental contact with her and struck viciously, giving her a psionic bloody nose. Encouraged by this and other thinking, the party elected to strike while the foe was on the back foot and flew to the Elenorian Forest on Hamroth the Glaenyn with Valadain.

Invading the tree-built palace of the Dark Queen, the party hacked their way through, aided by a significant percentage of the Elenorians there who turned out to be loyal to Valadain and rose against the Queen. Finding himself theoretically allied to Elenorians was not pleasant for Brazer, but there was no time to consider this - they were about to go into battle with Illyanth herself.

Taryn burned his way into her inner sanctum with the Inner Fire and battle was joined, but Illyanth had surrounded herself with an Anti-Magic shell for the pregnancy, and this rendered all the party's magical and mental powers useless. Even the primal fire of Taryn's blood seemed to have no effect.

The Queen concentrated on Valadain, obsessively trying to kill him first, but still managed to kill Hoerskarl very early in the battle. Slowly she wore the attackers down, accounting for Brazer, Skral and finally Valadain himself. At this point G-Lest the priest - who'd remained outside in a futile attempt to break the anti-magic with spells - fled into the forest, and Streng the thief went invisible and retreated, slinging a leaden bullet at Illyanth as he left. Ironically, his Parthian Shot achieved more than the whole rest of the battle, for not only did it slay the half-demon foetus in Illyanth's belly, it enraged her enough to leave her sanctum and pursue him.

Once outside the Anti-Magic, the full power of Taryn's blood was unleashed on her, and an arm and an eye were destroyed by the blazing blood as Streng made good his escape.