(30th October 2007 - 27th November 2007)
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Wherever the Light reaches, the Darkness will be there first
To maintain the Light takes strength; to bring Darkness requires only inaction
Those who serve the Light can never rest

Headlock's father, Mulmak Soulgrind, was not only a noble by orcish standards, but a mystic and a seer. He perceived the flows of power in the Fifth Millenium of Greyhawk, and saw that unity and structure lay with the new Gods, especially with Elena of the Forests.

By what miracles of diplomacy it was achieved may never be known, but somehow he managed to get his teenage son enrolled at the Elenian temple in van Myrid. He'd tried for Elenoria, but there were limits to what even diplomacy linked with prescience could achieve. The young orc took the Common Tongue version of his name - Headlock - and devoted his life to the Goddess' cause. On his own terms...

Headlock is a unique culural mixture. Brought up to his late twenties as a true Grey Orc of high class, he blends the straightforward and aggressive approach of a true orc with a noble code and training as a ruler, a disdain of the brutish Black Orcs, and a true calling to spread the word and doctrine of Elena. This leads him to examine each situation and person individually and carefully on their own merits, and then proceed in as straight a line as possible towards conversion, agreement or extermination as seems suitable...

An early encounter with Korven led to him being banished to a prison plane in the Abyss, where he encountered and befriended Dorik, the brother of Drussor Luckwarden. Rescued from there by Vetrick, he travelled with the party to the Olshay Range and constructed his first shrine, by now a Nae Priest. However, while in the process of doing this, the party was attacked (again!) by Asigoth. Headlock's first and only attack of the battle was parried and unmade with a void-blade, leaving him without Wrathstar at a critical juncture, and a few moments later he too was killed.