Faros Everreach, Grandmaster Thief, Dragonmaster and Godslayer

(8th June 2010 - 31st May 2011)
Initial Sheet
First appearance

Final Sheet

Thin and weaselly, with short sandy hair and mismatched green and blue eyes.

Faros was a small-time thief operating in small towns in Rosengrad (and doing very badly) when the war broke out. It didn't take him long to work out that he was on the wrong side of the lines, but his journey across to the 'civilized' side was so stressful that it left him with a permanent nervous twitch.

He was still working dilligently on his project of getting the hell out of the warzone when he fell in with Ariel and Morik, and became embroiled in the quest for the lost Dragon Masters.

Although initially skeptical, he tagged along for the profits, as it appeared anyone crossing Morik or Ariel seemed to die immediately. His skills came in handy in obtaining horses for the party and somehow he never quite managed to cut and run south.

Their path started to cross those of various Malakarians, and the deaths of these were a consolation for the knowledge of what Malakar himself was doing with his fellow Rosen. When the revalation of their status as incipient Dragon Masters came, Faros was - rather to his surprise - included with the others. Fate plays funny tricks.

During this period, Faros gradually came to respect the Balance god Jarik Saal, mainly from the examples set by his companions Reds Dull and Bardia Tang. His life saved several times by one or another of them, he finally converted to the faith and became a follower.

Crossing the mountains from Kalador to Kulland, Faros was separated from his companions and hunted by orcs. His flight down the mountain slopes and headlong unscathed dash through the best traps the Darklander border guards could devise was the stuff of legend, and convinced him that this was all for real.

Along with the others, Faros spent weeks training under the Darklander master I-chan, at the conclusion of which he was a passable exponent of the katana. The idea of direct combat was still not one he regarded as particularly sensible, preferring to leave such things to his more expert friends, but at least if put to it he had slightly more chance than with his old short sword.

At this point I was unable to play for eight weeks, so a lot of the story arc happened in Faros' absence, including first contact with dragons, Reds Dull's acquisition of the demonic void mace Salamar, the battles on the Abyssal plane Gladiatus and some hostile words with Malakar himself - as well as the Dark God's growing obsession with the beautiful Ariel. Faros returned to the table just in time to acquire his dragon Zander with the others and to participate in the breaking of the siege of Dros Drenai...

In the wake of the siege, the King of the Drenai Rufus the Invincible, made a nuisance of himself by trying to bag Ariel as his wife. While he was distracted by her violent rebuff, Faros kept the old hand in by stealing a magical ring from him. Whether this protected him during the subsequent raid on Van Myrid is unknown, but Faros engaged a balrog with his katana and survived. While the skinny thief had feared combat on foot, mounted on the agile Zander he felt far happier about trading blows with the most terrible of foes.

Finally, the combined power of the Dragon Masters brought the Gods of Greyhawk to council with the most powerful mortals of the age, with the aim of halting the ruinous war which was decimating the worshipers of all three gods. With difficulty, Malakar was convinced to make a binding agreement with the other Gods to withdraw from Grayhawk, to declare all temples inviolate, and to end the war. In his wake, however, Malakar left his black blade, trapped so that Ariel had no choice but to take it. That claiming brought the assassin to a pocket of time where she was trained by Ishtar herself, learning in the process that only a woman could have done so.

With Malakar temporarily discouraged, the Dragon Masters took thought for the future and decided to create an Academy, to teach their skills and to mentor a new generation of Masters. All went well for a while, but gradually the Dragonmasters came to realize that their security was being penetrated at will by the daywalker vampire Rosa, a disciple of Vanyar's. This culminated in her attacking and nearly killing Morik's dragon Remus and kidnapping of Miko, the dragon of Ariel. Over the next few weeks a deadly game of cat and mouse was pursued around the academy, during which Ariel came within a whisker of death only to be Raised by Jarik Saal, and Faros gradually realized that his initial attraction to Rosa on their first meeting was being reciprocated - in spades.

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