Erlain Voidwalker

(17th April 2002 - 2nd February 2003)

Erlain Born a Menelothian, Erlain was siezed as a slave early in his life by the Jezharrain, along with Barrios of Drenai, the start of a lifelong friendship and a burning hatred of the Jezharrain race. Adventuring across the world, his power with the Runes grew steadily until he finally mastered the mighty Primal Runes, beginning with the Void.

Irrevocably marked by his power, he was chosen by the Universe as the wielder of the Unmaker's Blade and the foe of the Orc-God Fermat, who was groping for powers that could destroy the last material Plane. Erlain was part of the group that finally slew Fermat (though Barrios delivered the final blow with the Heredius sword Ojoss), and chose after that to return the Unmaker's blade to the primal god's tomb.

The group had been in service to Qarnak the Invincible, warlord of Meneloth and forger of a burgeoning empire, but after accidentaly slaying Qarnak in an act of mercy, Erlain took the reins of Empire and attempted to forge a kinder, saner kingdom than Qarnak's vengance-driven military engine. Allied with Sarik Ramadius of Bretonia, he made peace with the Rosen, Orcs, Estallians and Middenheimers, using a mixture of arcane power, Sarik's political training, and common sense to sort out the problems of the Empire - despite not being as tall as people expected. A brief war with the Khulandir was fought and won, but Erlain was damaged by the amount of power he put forth and it became plain he was losing control of the Primal Magic. The Runemarked items he was creating were becoming more and more dangerous and powerful, culminating in the Runestaff and the terrible Crown of Erlain.

The last Disciple of Chael, Demarek, appeared from somewhere to be Erlain's mentor, and was beginning to make progress in rescuing the young Emperor from his own powers when it was discovered that Barrios, now the first Daywalker vampire and for some time without a soul, was attempting to turn Princess Merrel of Rosen (King Sarik's sister-in-law) to the Undead. Confrontng Barrios, Erlain, Styrax and Sarik fought with him, but were no match in combat for Barrios and Ojoss; all were slain.