(18th March 2009 - 26th May 2009)
Initial Sheet
First appearance

Traumbrenner joined the party in Ambinaria, and was deeply impressed by the Darklander assassin Nightsbane who subsequently wiped out that town. He added ten cakes of the terrible brewed poison used in that act to his own rather mediocre home-made poisons, although in the event he was never to use them.

It was in Hell's Bay, however, that Traumbrenner really came into his environment. The battle with Count Xavior on the docks opened his and the orc spy Batista's eyes to the possibilities of mingling the skills of spy and assassin. Gathering some of the cheerfully corrupt town's best killers and thieves and some of the spies working for the Drenai spymistress Velda, the pair created The Exterminators, teams of paired assassins and spies trained to work together, the spies feeding intelligence and stealth to improve the success of the killers' work.

In the midst of the party's acquisition of power in Hell's Bay, significant visitors arrived. Valadain Raikos' son Callindrin and grandson Arviel had come on a Myrid ship, which the party proceeded to sink; then Viator Varkos, King of Thieves, emerged from his seclusion to warn them that Illyanth, Queen of Elenoria and Valadain's estranged wife, was planning a genocidal war against Myrid and probably everywhere else as well. Her first objective was to be the extermination of her descendants by Valadain.

Callindrin was violently disbelieving of this, but after being humbled by Viator Varkos accepted his status as a prisoner. A couple of attacks by Elenorian infiltrators failed to change his point of view, or threaten anyone particularly, but a few days later the Elenorians raised the stakes.

The town's rats reported to Prince Antigor that large numbers of humanoids were moving under the city, carrying heavy skins of some fluid. The party reacted to this in varying ways.

Taryn Byzar swiftly and secretly took Callindrin and Arviel up out of the town and into the mountains of the Olshay Range.

Fuls Brett went invisible and flew up over the harbour, looking for signs of Elenorian ships form which these people had come from.

Against their better judgement, Batista and Traumbrenner were persuaded into going down the sewers to confront the invaders. Privately, Traumbrenner would have preferred to brew up a dose of Nightsbane's deadly tea to clear the sewers out, but his companions refused to allow it, on the grounds that it would endanger the citizens of the town.

Batista and Traumbrenner did their best to sneak down the damp passages, but their companions were too noisy, and the twenty Elenorian sabouters were ready for them when they came around the corner. Traumbrenner was readying a shuriken to try and drop the one holding a burning torch when the sorcerer Meklor casually lobbed a Fireball into the pile of skins.

The resulting explosion blew most of Hell's Bay into the ocean, and killed Batista, Traumbrenner, Meklor and Prince Antigor outright.