Hûra Mardor

Hura Mardor(5th November 2003 - 15th January 2004)
Initial Sheet

A grey orc of freakish strength and size, Hûra encountered the quest for the King of  Estallia just after the discovery of King Alistair. He joined them, primarily for the opportunity to kill more Black Orcs, a chance that was promptly gratified as the party was trapped in a blocked tunnel by a hundred and twenty orc warriors. Hûra's vast strength played a significant part in the epic battle during which the adventurers fought their way through the legion to escape the trap. After their escape from the orc fortress, the party was rescued by the paladin Malashak, later unmasked as a fallen paladin and black traitor.

After ensuring Estallia's new king was securely settled, Hûra and his friends went after Malashak, whom Hûra had never trusted, aided by a band of demonologists recruited from Estal City's Academy. As he'd always known  it would,  it came down to a straight fight between Hûra and Malashak, from which Hûra emerged victorious. His shortsword was named Knightsbane after that.

Travelling south in reaction to the Jezharrain invasion of southern Skoorl, Hûra and his companions, accompanied by Sionis, made a lightning tour of the cities of the region, inciting the Skoorlians and Estallians to rise up and massacre the Jezharrain already among them, and to resist Milas' invasion when it came. Correctly identifying Urak as the next crisis point, the group prepared to make their stand there.

When Milas himself appeared to try and terrify the city into surrender, Hûra and Vaslavi defied him to his face and actually attempted to fight a duel with him, though all they got for their pains were some insulting and painful leg injuries. The tide appeared to be turning when, out of the blue, Barrios Deathwalker and a hundred of his best troops turned up to confront Milas, and for a while Hûra stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Barrios and Arden Bin Shalutek on the walls. In a fatal miscalculation, however, he attempted to change weapons from his mighty axe Soothslayer to Knightsbane and a shield; his guard went down and he was slain.