Red Sharon

(30th July 2003 - 5th November 2003)Red Sharon, in the pub as usual
Initial Sheet

A jailer's daughter from the great Elenorian forests in the north of Greyhawk, Sharon had no great intellect, subtlety, learning or culture. Her outlook was shallow in the extreme, consisting of brawling, drinking ale, eating, making money any old how (though not keeping it especially), and not letting any man - especially dress-wearing magic-using ones - take advantage of her.

Early in her career, she was accidentally diverted to one of  the Nine Planes of Hell, where - along with her companions - she was forced to trade her soul for escape. Thrown into the bargain were "a 10,000 year lifespan, eternal youth, and the Luck of the Devil".

Back on Greyhawk, she and her comrades were caught up in the search for the lost True King of Estalia. Despite the loss of her soul moving her outlook from the careless to the mercenary/merciless, she joined the quest, figuring that the payoff for success was bound to be worth it. Having protected Vaslavii the Seeker all the way through the quest, Sharon was killed just before the King - Alistair - was found.