Devarrask Sunhammer

(10th June 2008 - 28th July 2008)
Initial Sheet
First appearance

Deverrask was a unique mixture, a dwarf and a sword cultist. The son of an acrobat, he was naturally agile and gravitated to a more mobile fighting style than the more usual battleaxe-and-chainmail dwarf approach. His katana was also unique, the only one ever forged from dwarven steel.

Joining his fellow cultist, the eponymous Katana, and fellow dwarf Mallaras as well as a gaggle of elves - some of them very rude and disrespectful - he adventured across and off the Isle of Sharok and nearly into the city of Salik. Their ship was ambushed by a fleet of pirates, and before the chance to get to grips could arrive, Deverrask was slain by arrows. The only consolation was that his rival, the elf Pip, died the same way a few seconds earlier.