(11th December 2007 -26th March 2008)
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Jahick was a specialist, not only an elemental sorcerer but a pyromancer, a wizard specializing in the magic of fire.Her path was set on this from the beginning, and she selected her magic almost exclusively from the spells connected with that element even before her specialist training.

She was taught the skills of unarmed combat by Vohaas on his home plane of Disjunction, and joined Morikand and Vetric's quest for the death of Muziel. This led to their imprisonment in Gressil's Library, whence she escaped by polymorphing into a mouse and hitching a ride with the negotiator Muziel sent in.

Working away to master her magic in the shadow of Morikand and Vetric, she ascended to the rank of Wizard and discovered her true calling - spell research. Her studies created four new spells, Jahick's Fire Curse, Jahick's Backup, Fire Eyes, and Teleport Trace; notes for three more (Combiner, Inconcievable and Soul Burn) were found in her spellbook after her death.

With unique magic at her command, Jahick became capricious and unpredictable, and the terrible shock of Fire Curses struck again and again as the party moved from place to place. Her information-gathering, thanks to Fire Eyes, was also a significant tool in the party's arsenal.

As ever, it seemed, the trail led back to Gressil's library, and it was here that the party was visited by a projection of Muziel and taunted. Divining that he must be within visual range to be taunting them through Project Image, Jahick and the others spread out to try and locate him. Unfortunately for Tihs Revom, they succeeded, and he joined the select but growing number of characters slain personally by the renegade Echeronian.

A short while after that, Muziel dominated Vohaas and sent him in to attack the party. He slew Jahick and Morikand, although the latter was able to rescue himself with the aid of his Possession in Death spell, before Vohaas himself was killed. Jahick had laid a Fire Curse on herself some time before to try and take her slayer with her, but Morikand's Spell Turning quenched the magic and prevented her killing the rest of her companions from beyond the grave.