Damula Darkbreaker

(30th December 2008 - 10th March 2009)
Initial Sheet
First appearance

A Myrrid apprentice paladin of Elena, last survivor of an Elenian mission into the Olshay Range to investigate the reason for large numbers of Malakarian priests in the area. She had already met up with the ranger Taryn Byzar when they came across Mevik Zmmm and the badly wounded Viscaount Taymar. These individuals - as well as being able to explain the Malakarian interest in the Olshay range - were attempting a complete crossing of the mountains, and Damual and Taryn decided to go with them.

They journeyed through a valley of monstrously grown creatures until they discovered a lake, in the middle of which was the mystical Island of Endergar. All the signs - and a stranded, maimed Jandraki pirate - indicated that the place was a treasure-house of unspeakable riches. It proved to be scattered with gold, diamonds and jewels, and to have been placed by Promethius himself to 'capture mens' greed'. However, Damula, Taryn and Kuruluk, each for their own reasons, proved immune to its lures, and paid due reverence to the plain altar at its' centre. Damula laid her double-bladed axe Eye-opener on the stone, and the mystical power affected it to some extent.

After leaving the island they rejoined Mevik and Taymar, and the half-ruined beauty Illyth, and carried on northwards. A group of Elenian warrior-monks gave them shelter and respite from the worsening weather, but the restless group elected to push on after four weeks of healing had restored Taymar's strength.

Almost immediately they came under fire from black orcs with - of all things - Bretonian cannon. Fleeing these and many like them, the party reached a Myrid fortress in the middle of nowhere, manned by men so old they had no right to be alive much less fighting wars.

This seemed to be the best place they'd found so far to sit out the winter - if these oldies had survived here this long they were likely able to take care of their fort. They settled in just in time as the vast army of black orcs arrived to besiege the fort ... something that had apparently happened many times before.

An epic siege followed, with the impossibly adept octogenearians and the adventurers holding off wave after wave of orcs. Finally, however, attrition took its toll and the orcs breached the walls. Mevik was slain by a misfired arrow from one of his own comrades, and all looked lost.

At this point, Mazlan, one of the old Myrids, guided Taryn and Damula into the depths of the fortress to receieve the gift of Primal Fire that was to shape their lives forever after. The power was transferred successfully, but the unfortunate side-effect was that the elderly Myrid all died immediately. The siege was effectively over.

It transpired that the Fire was what the orcs were after as well. Taryn surrendered himself to save his friends (something Damula had great trouble accepting) and was carried off.

Damula, Taymar, Indermere, Albaron the sword cultist and especially Jindra Dar the Marraq then pursued the orcs and eventually managed to rescue Taryn, aided by Illyth. Fleeing the orcs, the party sought for somewhere to hide and fatefully selected a harmless-looking cave.

This cave turned out to be nothing of the sort, but one opening into the petrified living carcass of the Primal Dragon, first one created by Promethius, the Mountain Dragon. This creature had drawn the bearers of the Primal Fire to itself in order to assist it to die and receive peace as it had been promised; but its' existence here in the Olshay had allowed many wierd creatures to survive that otherwise would have been extinct and many of those did not want this to happen. The party's progress through the Dragon was a running battle, culminating with a fight with the Prospector, an aggravating Aspect of Nature who had (unbeknownst to the party) been encountered and killed before by other heroes.

Finally, the quest was confronted by a conceptual Door that they could not open, and responded in direct fashion by forcing three globes of Void into contact with them. The resulting explosion destroyed the Dragon and unmade a vast cylinder of everything for fifty miles around.

Damula and Taymar were unmade, but along with their comrades Batista, Taryn and Meklor were suspended out of time in a white bubble of non-space wherein there was no time, space or reality. Illusions provided the appearance of the Power of Creation, but nothing was real and there seemed no escape. Taryn – above all others – realised the futility of their situation. "Time and Space do not yet exist; therefore nothing we do is real…or impossible," he said.

Still experimenting with the apparent Creation, Damula summoned all her belief in Elena and commanded a portal to Grayhawk of the Here and Now to appear. One did, resonating with the warm glow of her goddess's love, and - in company with a charming young thief - she stepped through. Unfortunately, it was naught but illusion, and once beyond the bubble, time caught up with both. Damula had known that there was no way back for her, disembodied remnant of an Unmade person; her hope was that in this way, she would rest in the peace of her Lady.