Lither Ré-Thil

(20th April 2010 - 20th May 2010)
Initial Sheet
First appearance
Final Sheet

Lither is a kuldraqui elf and a sorceress with her eyes firmly set on necromancy. Her father was a robber of graves, and from her earliest years she had a fascination with the borderline between life and death and what it the crossing of it involves. Her studies of death border on the obsessive at times. Her arcane mentor once called her a thanatologist - student of death - and she took to this phrase.

She has black hair and black, slanted eyes, and prefers to dress in long gowns of black or red. Her father left her a piece of jewelry, passed down he told her from a sorceress ancestor named Moriana; a right-hand arm glove, of the very finest mesh of silver links and studded with jewels, close-fitting and smooth. She uses this whenever possible to focus her magic.

Although successful early in the Salabrand campaign, she was killed when an ogre ripped off first her right arm and then her head.