(5th December 2006 - 12th December 2006)
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Finzerian's father was Nomryn, Baron of Vidacorara. The Barony covered an area of a hundred miles or so, but the family seat, Talazar Castle, was relatively out-of-the-way, up in the mountains to the north of Jezharra; the small town around it, also called Talazar, had only a hundred houses.

For nobles, the Vidacorara were not very well off. The catastrophes of Erlain and Milas had wiped out nearly an entire generation, and there were few peasants to work the land and generate income. Many families of similar standing to Finzerian's had been wiped out altogether or reduced to beggary. Proud of the martial traditions of their people, though, the Vidacorara remained, carefully training their sons in the arts of war, especially in wielding the Sutlos, the terrible double-handed mace in which the family specialized.

All of Finzerian's brothers were killed in the terrible war when Milas led the Daywalkers north to do battle with Vaslavii and was ruined, leaving him the sole heir of his bloodline.

In his youth, Finzerian had a great aptitude for drawing; often found sketching, he would commit to paper any worthwhile sights or events. While his father had little time for the arts, he did not interfere; the Vidacorara had a tradition of letting their scions find their own feet or not, according to their own merits.

Sometime around his hundredth birthday, the quest for new and interesting vistas led Finzerian to the city of Harra, where he rapidly discovered that there were two kinds of people; the quick and alert, and the dead. His father had organized him a placement with a relative who was a courtier, and he spent a couple of years learning his way around the Jezharrain political system. Most of the techniques he learned there were deeply illegal, and finally his mentor was arrested and hauled away. The deeds leading to this arrest were actually Finzerian's, and he thought it best to get away from the city for a while.

Travelling north and across the Arbor Peaks, he fell in with a small community of mixed elves, living the sylvan life among the trees of the nameless forest south of Urak. There, he apprenticed himself to the master marksman Nurthavain, who taught him the art of the bow. One day, however, the rural life palled, and he boarded a ship at random, a ship that took him to Myrid.

Meeting up with a Marraq named Amblay - a sorcerer, unusually, rather than a fellow archer - Finzerian set out for Van Myrid itself. On the way, they met the Melelothian sorcerer Malethrax, barely alive after a horrific wound that had amputated his left leg, and Danat Perez, Martial Artist. These were fleeing the Bretonian dark knight Vrostar, and trying to deliver a certain letter to the absent King of Van Myrid, Viator Varkos. Joining company with them, Finzerian got to meet some interesting horse nomads and actually hit someone with his sutlos (not fatally), before being cut down as he attempted to draw a bead on one of the men-at-arms that had slain Hujal.