Glenarrion, Lord of Shadows


(15th January 2004 - 15th June 2004 rtd; killed as an NPC 6th September 2005)
Initial Sheet

Glenarrion's family never left Estallia when Fermat invaded, living undercover as resistance fighters and rangers. After his death at the hands of Barrios, they settled down and were just getting the hang of farming when the Jezharrain invaded. Many of them, Glenarrion among them, decided to return to the field to fight the new invaders.

The appearance of Barrios at the siege of Urak was enough to convince Glenarrion to make his stand there; the Deathwalker remains a hero to many Estallians and Skoorlians for his removal of Fermat.

After the siege of Urak, Glenarrion & Arden were among the survivors trapped in the tunnels by Milas' trap. In order to escape, they joined the swords (Fangor & The Reaper's Tooth), and were forced to sell their souls to their maker, the Lord of Ruin. The swords then became Unfettered & Primal, providing the power for the refugees' escape.

Arden & Glenarrion became aware that they had the ability to invoke a terrible ritual (involving pentacles and the heart of a High Priest) to unleash daemonic horror on Greyhawk, and commenced a battle with temptation.

In the second siege, at Tamarand, Glenarrion took part in the rescue of Barrios from Milas' Temporal Prison (obtaining the heart of a Jezharrain High Priest in the process), and then fought on the walls until Milas made his desperate attack on the Steward of Skoorl, when he cut his way through the Universe, came up behind Milas and slew him.

Barrios appeared convinced that Glenarrion was going to turn to the bad, so he & Arden hatched the plan to go to the Abyss & face the Lord. Barrios talked them out of it with some difficulty, and they attended the coronation of Vaslavii instead - only deviating to slay the Khulandir ambassador Qaal who approached Glenarrion as a fellow servant of the Lord of Ruin. After that, Glenarrion purporsely burned the heart, to remove the temptation of the ritual.

All this time, everyone around him - with the exception of King Vaslavii and Arden - was shunning him, fearing him, calling him "Kinslayer". Slowly, the full realization of his outcast status, and his resentment thereof, grew and festered.

Arden’s slaying of the Lord of Ruin and rescue of their bottled souls freed the pair from their enslavement to the demon, and also allowed them to use the blades’ power to cut holes in reality for travel without having to go via the Plane of Ruin.

Accompanying the force led by Vaslavii in his invasion of Jaz Harra, he and Arden fought demons, necromancers, devils and finally slew the demonologist Azash, turning the tide of the siege and leaving the way open for the capture of two shadow ships.
When the shadow ship he and Arden took back to Tamarand for reinforcements was hijacked to Hades by forces unknown, however, the two decided that they couldn't put off securing their souls any longer. Securing letters from Vaslavii to Sarik and Alastir, they started off in Estal, persuading the King to recommend them to the Sorcerers' Guild.

Glenarrion recruits a demonologistDemarek had been there before them, however - he'd been to all the colleges of magic in Greyhawk - and had done everything he could to prevent them achieving their goal. Arden and Glenarrion had to slaughter half the Masters of the Demonology Faculty before they could persuade one to perform the binding, but in the end it was done, and the two became as one with their weapons.

On the Garrain peninsula the pair met with the Hierarchs of the Elves and their Marraq guardian Jarrg. Here they and their companions walked through the Burning Stones and were told that they were natural sorcerers of the Tenth Layer of magic – technically beyond Demarak himself.

While on Garrain the two were killed for the first time by two of Demerak’s assassins, whose bodies they then assumed when their slayers tried to loot the black swords. The shock of being moved into another body (and a flabby, older one at that) was quite unsettling for Glenarrion, despite knowing in advance what would happen. He decided to mark each assumption by appending the name of the body to his own, and became Glenarrion ab-Elmerek.

The conflict with Demarek grew more and more intense, and the pair conversed with the Gods to try and resolve things, at which meeting Andurien Willowstar declared her support for Demarak and opposition to the Wielders. They then visited Alistair of Estal and helped derail his marriage to the daughter of King Corso of Khulan, for which Alistair required them to leave.

Unwilling to risk quicker transportation, the pair set out to ride back to Tamarand and were hunted by Khul trackers, whom they ambushed and wiped out. It was at this point that Glenarrion made the discovery that his relatively small and harmless ranger spells, when focused through Fangor Kinslayer, were greatly enhanced. A simple Entangle spell ran riot and ripped apart a dozen experienced Khulandir trackers. The fight ended with one wounded Khulan taken prisoner. His body was greatly superior to that of Elmerek, so once they’d interrogated him, Glennarion offered his neck to Arden, who slew him with Erminir’s sword and pushed the sword into the hands of Arengith of the Khulandir, leaving Elmerek’s body behind in an attempt to mislead their foes that Glenarrion had fallen. They then discovered that their horses had been slaughtered in the wood where they were tethered, and concluded that Willowstar was behind this.

Barrios rescues the wielders from the Astral PlanePressing on south, the pair encountered an illusion of a great bazaar, wherein they met a magic seller calling himself Proteus, who argued Demerak’s point with them and won Glenarrion’s liking before revealing himself as Demerak. The pair tried to jump him, but his projection vanished revealing Saband preparing to fight them with the Unmaker’s Blade.

Glenarrion was Unmade in the battle that followed, but his soul took refuge in Kinslayer, and was witness to Arden’s defeat of the Voidwalker that followed. Seizing the sword, bin Shalutek fled the field, but was soon trapped in a blizzard violent enough to endanger even the Stonehearted. Reluctantly, he tried to cut through to Tamarand but ended up on the Astral plane, which Demerak had incredibly sealed off to trap them.

Rescued by Barrios, the pair were taken to Aldegarde, where the Deathwalker provided a new body for Glenarrion, that of an assassin recently sent against himself by Demerak. This body, Larenos, was vastly superior to any of the previous ones and Glenarrion ab-Larenos ab-Arengith ab-Elmerek was determined to hang on to this one. All his possessions (save one) were lost, so he re-equipped himself from Barrios’ vast armouries, selecting a shield blazoned with the arms of Hofgar to replace the lost shield of Erminir.

Working from a suggestion from the Lord of the Menelothians, they wielded the joint power of the swords to reach back in time and speak with Chael himself, a truly awe-inspiring experience as they watched the First Wizard starting time and creating Magic. He told them that they were above and beyond magic and nature, but as necessary for the development of the world as Demerak or trees or rocks, and advised them to contact Nature herself to try and resolve the discord.

Returning, the pair took counsel with Malkar and Hofgar, who told them that this was only possible if all three Gods aided them to reach Her. They sent the pair into the heart of the Elenorian forest to appeal to Andurien, but Demerak had got there first and Willowstar was not playing. Worse, she declared war on the pair on behalf of every elf and elven nation, and against any nation where they went. Arden and Glenarrion knew that their time of safety with Vaslavii and the others was ended; exiled by their enemies, they must now look to their allies and prepare for Holy War.

He and Arden tried to seek advice on Chael's disciple at the source by going back through time to speak with Chael himself. This backfired, landing them  in Loramas' presence, just before her seduction of Quesit Dasil to create the legendary Doctor X. Despite their best efforts, she read the history of the (her) future from their minds. They escaped, and tried again, this time reaching Chael, who was little help.

On their return, it was revealed that Willowstar was pregnant with Demerak's child, a dangerous development raising the spectre of the return of the Bloodlines. Vaslavii tried to poison Demerak with some Void poison he'd stolen from Saband, but Demerak - despite Malkar's active assistance in the attempt - shrugged it off and escaped, though damaged.

Malkar advised Vaslavii to obtain better advice on using the Void, so they once more forayed back in time, taking the other PCs and Alistair with them. They met Dr X and Yakamoto, who scorned them and slew Alistair, deleting him utterly from their present time and totally upsetting history. After an unpleasant period in a damaged reality where Alistair was never there, Demerak wasn't the last Disciple, Malkar hated them and Vaslavii was a megalomaniac, they realized that they were trapped in an illusion by examining the Burning Stones on the Garrin Peninsula and broke the illusion, returning to their own reality.

They then met up with Charan Sollik, who took them to the Void and spent two thousand years training them as Black Hand Assassins. Glenarrion did not achieve as much in this training as the others, but Fangor did, and after the ranger flunked out they spent the last five hundred years really getting to know each other.

On emerging (at the same time they went in) they were endowed with incredible powers, controlling the Void and channelling it into their use of magic; Glenarrion discovered that his Magic Missile spell would now unleash missiles of Void, unmaking anything they hit. His other magical powers were similarly enhanced and twisted by being focussed through a combination of Fangor and the Void.

Finally, Demarak tired of the cat-and-mouse and issued a challenge, daring Vaslavii, the wielders and their allies to face him - Demarak - on Garrain, and calling on all the inhabitants of Greyhawk to support Demarak and send champions. The wielders rallied their allies and travelled to Garrain, and on the appointed day confronted the last Disciple of Chael.

On one side were Demarak, Honishi, Emperor of Edo and reputed greatest swordsman in Greyhawk, a grey-cloaked Darim assassin and five Darklander warriors in crimson armour and bearing Void katanas. Facing them were Glenarrion ab-Larenos, Arden bin Shalutek, Vaslavii, Lobeg, Mïedich Clegg, Barrios Deathwalker, Marrg the Marraq and five Jezharrain archers.

In the cataclysmic battle that followed, Arden, Barrios, Mïedich Clegg, Lobeg, Marrg and Vaslavii all fell, leaving Glenarrion alone to face one Darklander, Honishi, and Demarak. He slew the Darklander with Fangor, and Unmade the Darklander Emperor with a flight of Void Missiles, before finally impaling Demarak on the last remaining Blade of Darkness and twisting the blade as the Disciple of Chael died.

At this point Glenarrion was retired into the campaign world infrastructure so as to allow a new party to be created.

Postscript 7/9/2005: Glenarrion fought the demon Azael's invading armies, finally confronted Azael himself along with Malkar, Aliandir, Valadain, Jaric, Viator Varkos and the Glaenynn, and was killed by the Dark Fire.