(28th July 2008 - 17th September 2008)
Initial Sheet
First appearance

A sorcerer from the Elenorian forest, Norcrensel found the magic available to him at home rather too tame and structured for his tastes, preferring raw power over balance. Feeling a desire to follow the path of the dead, he left home and fell in with the mining enterprise of Mallaras.

Biding his time while his power grew, he worked minor magics for the good of the group until the day arrived when he could begin his studies of the magic of death. To begin with, he started small, summoning skeletons for defence and donkeywork in the mines. When the party were driven out of the mines at Velch, he acquired his giant beetle familiar Volks.

Things began to wrong when he ended up custodian of the Xenarth Stone, prised from the shattered skull of the last Eldrych assassin master. Norcrensel lusted for this stone, and once Illeum Runesabre had told him he had the best claim to it of the group, began attempting to use it to enhance his magic. This led to the inadvertent summoning of the dragon Vixarran when he attempted a slightly improved Mount spell. Arrogant and uncoperative, she proved a major problem, and the assassin Shihan attempted to kill her, triggering a battle in which he (Shihan) was killed (and rescued through time by Malaras).

Shihan took exception to this and (abetted by the rest of the survivors) turned on Norcrensel and attacked him. Despite Gatsol the musketeer defending him, Norcrensel was no match for Shihan much less the rest of the party and was quickly despatched.