Lord Odira Stormstar

(29th December 2009 - 23rd March 2010)
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Odira is a Lokus elf, well-born - fourth in line to the throne in fact. He has reddish-blonde hair, black-in-black Rootvile eyes, and a noble if unhandsome countenance. He has a natural sense of his own station and a rather arrogant way of expressing it.

Unlike his studious and quiet family of historian nobles he was a born warrior, and finally convinced his father of this on the day he left. Realizing the truth, his father Daedric tearfully presented him with the mourning sword Requiem, imbued with the essence of his lost mother.

Things didn't improve after he had left. Almost immediately he fell in with Scalpel, Kadesh, Daryal and the others, and realized almost straight away that these people - commoners though they were - were out of the ordinary. Maybe it was the way Kadesh slew his own familiar by feeding it his own blood and buried it, then drew it alive from the earth. Apparently, something called Rootvile and Earthsblood flowed through their veins, and it protected them from the malicious influence of Malakar - whom they appeared to have offended (wonderful!). This was a privilege they were able to extend to Odira, as well as the other newcomers Arian Darkeyes and the Marraq Vinda; the only minor drawback was that it would kill them too. Odira knew a bit about sorcery and shrugged, but Arian wasn't keen and had to be hypnotized into it by Kadesh. A droplet of black blood and everything went dark.

Odira discovers he's not much good with a bow

On being raised from his grave, Odira's first reaction was horror. He looked over at the disciples of the Red Moon and then down at himself, covered in mud. "Do you know how much these clothes cost?" he demanded furiously.

There were advantages; despite the black-in-black eyes, he needed no sleep, could share thoughts with the others, and apparently could kill people by bleeding on them - though he was advised not to try this. On the downside, it seemed he was now committed to a crazy quest to track down nine Facets of some Malakarian item which would rend a hole between Grayhawk and the Abyss if assembled by the wrong people, they were being pursued by all sorts of horrific monsters, and worst, not only were most of the others peasants, but they refused to put up his tent or perform any of the other menial tasks he expected of them!

Once into the Elenorian Forest, they lost the disciple Scalpel to a demon archer with a remakable bow. After killing the demon, Odira secured this weapon, which summoned demon arrows when drawn instead of requiring ammunition. The power of the weapon was undeniable, from the effects it wrought on the unfortunate Scalpel, but to inflict them one had to succeed in shooting someone with it, and here was the problem. Odira was a woeful archer...

A few days later, the party were travelling further north in the Elenorian forest when they were ambushed by Darklanders. Odira tacked himself to the back of an illusion of the party created by Kadesh Lovespear and had some initial success, fighting at point-blank range with the demonbow, but on realizing that the dwindling foe meant he was likely to start shooting his friends, he changed to unarmed combat and was promptly cut down.