Kceb Nembren

(16th November 2004)
Initial Sheet

A Lantrian burglar, caught by an arcane accident while unwisely burgling a demonologist's house in New Bretonia and dumped onto the Plane of Sleep in the Abyss, where he slept for ten years before being rudely awakened by the arrival of Axarthur in pursuit of Vance Dexton, Digitalis and Agrias the Assault Cleric. Surviving the ensuing battle, he returned to Greyhawk with the Archbishop, ready to join the hunt for the last Asharoki Warlord.

He kicked around a bit on the fringes of Agrius' operation, witnessing the creation of the Cathederal in Khulandir, the historic meeting of Korso and Agrius, and the death of the Archpriest Haldern.

Travelling to Estal City with Vance Dexton and Salazan Brank, he fell foul of the local Guildmaster and died fighting him.