Lorlucan Stonewarden

(20th September 2000 - 24th May 2001)

Lorlucan Originally from Rosen, Lorlucan was a young burglar who - through a combination of good luck and bad -  ended up in the Living Citadel at the time of its' siege by Cedron, Shadazaar, Beremoth and their immense forces. Mastering control of a red diamond ring given him by the demonologist Moashan, he became able to influence the Citadel and request its' help, though not always reliably. His first real contribution to the defence of the Citadel was the trapping and slaying of over 50,000 goblins in the underground passages below the fortress, as well as the closure of the assault tunnels Shadizar’s miners were making.

Ultimately, he was responsible for gaining control of the Citadel’s ability to move in time, and 'piloted' the fortress and the party forward in time 5,000 years. On arrival in the Future Imperium, he found Citadel still around, now in the form of a vast datanet which Lorlucan could tap into with his ring. He also acquired some skill with futuristic weapons - avenging the death of Annandar on Vargr by riddling the barman with an RSMG - and computer interfaces to modern systems.

It became apparent that both the Imperium and the Bretonian Federation wanted the secret of the ring, as both continued to pursue Lorlucan across the galaxy. After the death of Kerat at the hands of the Quall, the party returned to Greyhawk and were promptly shot down on the surface, awaking with no equipment or possessions in the winter caves of the Landorian barbarians. He befriended the cultured Orc Astagard, and was very upset when he died, apparently as a result of the predictions of Castillion the charlatan diviner and thief. At this point, Lorlucan briefly gained possession of the armour of Van Trek, one of Greyhawk's greatest known generals.

Along with Jeran, Moashan and the other survivors of the siege of Citadel, Lorlucan was killed in the mysterious island graveyard incident.