(7th October 2008 - 16th December 2008)
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A martial artist from the Kalador forest, determined to perfect his art away from elven politics, he fell in with Mevick Zymm and Malaras just as Malaras decided to escape an encounter by transporting the entire party to the eighth plane of Hell.

Returned from the Devil Naarl's presence with great gifts distilled from the Zenarth stone, a link to three of his companions, and no soul, Isaramir became one of the Damned, and proceeded to behave accordingly.

Continuing north through the Olshay Range, intending to rescue the mysterious Slider so as to master the Clock, one of the Damned was killed by a black dragon. An encounter with the Archpriest of Malakar completed Isaramir's rise to power and earned him yet more enemies. After a series of adventures culminating in the death of Naarl and the return of the souls of Isaramir and Mevick Zmm - the last two surviving Damned - the group fell in with the terrifying, scarred and arguably insane Elenorian assassin Illyth.

Accompanied by her, the party were attacked by teleporting Malakarian priests, caught by surprise, and Isaramir, Marravis, Chopper, Scordan and Chanra Tal were all slain together.