Talaran Runepiper

(23rd April 2008 - 10th June 2008)
Initial Sheet
First appearance

Talaran was an Elenorian ranger, with a strong regional accent, who was rather more successful with the longbow than the hand-and-a-half sword he carried. His acquisition of the Ring of Hiding assisted him in his scouting and sneaking.

From the villageof Brulland, where he and his companions first encountered the forces of Sagar the ranger-lord (expelled from Illeum Runesabre's army for being too savage!), he progressed across the isle of Sharrok, encountering off legions of goblins, hill giants, ghostly women without much to say, and the mysterious Eldrych dragonriding healer-assassin Xira.

When the weaponsmith Brox died, he inherited the latter's time-twisting fob watch, and used it briefly to secure entry to the Monastery of the Moon. The undead monks therein were too much for him, and he died at their hands, wielding a sword and cursing he'd not stuck with his bow ... or used the watch to step away from the danger.