Alair Tribulations

Baggy Sackdottir
Herb Bloodrage
Part 1: Morvramorn and the Blue Knife
1. A Nice Simple Commission
2. The Ruins on the Hill
3. Lair of the Gnolls
4. The Blue Knife
5. I Say - these are Orcs!
6. The Boys are Back in Town
7. An Inside Job
8. Wizard and Pirates
9. Jarkko's Payment
10. Smash and Grab
11. House of the Dragon
12. Road to Destruction
13. Wrathcairn
14. The Crypts of the Duergar
15. The Crypts part 2
16. Tentacles and Wights
17. The Pits of Creation and Destruction
Part 2: Cyrn Weithaelin
18. The Emissaries of the Dragon Gods
19. Bulette for my Village Time
20. A Message to You, Rhudien
21. The Mapmaker and the Hanged Man
-- A Bit of a Break --
Restart Synopsis
22. Ruins and RTA
23. Boom! Boom! and Out Go The Lights
24. Issuing a Challenge
25. Bombers at 12'o Clock High!
26. The Fall of Cyrn Waethelin
27 I'll Open Your Box...
28. Lightning and Tellarans
29. Carry On Stop that Wagon
Part 3: City of Dragons
30. Trip to Minensal
Back At the Table!
31. Whoops RTA!
32. Bright Lights, City Lights
33. Private Investigations
34. The Dragon Hunters
35. Miller and Bard
36. Dragons on the Doorstep
37. Breakfast in the Ruins
Part 4: Lihard
38. To the Tower
39. Battle on the Roof
The Guide to Alair
Gods of Alair
The World you Live In
Map of Alair
Map of Region
Brief History
Major NPCs in Tzallis
House Rules
Character Generation
Basic Process
Parental Origin Tables
D&D SRD 3.5
Ace and The Dog Home