Great-grandchild of the sister's gibbon's friend of the nephew of the Campaign that Would Not Die, now in 3.25e
Møøse Trained By: Hugh Foster




Chambu is an unusual mix, a dwarvish priest of Bahamut, normally a god of good-aligned dragons. However, with the draconic return to Known Alair, the Dark Queen of the evil dragons is once more active, and Bahamut has turned his attention back to this place to counter her, recruiting his own clerics and paladins.

A hill dwarf from Derran Howe, descendant of the dwarves who fled the Ndrall mountains in the wake of the disaster of the Ritual of Flaying, and almost half a world away from home. He also was armoured in overlapping scales, but clearly dwarf-forged and minutely detailed. The emblems of the dragon-god Bahamut were emblazoned on his armour and equipment in similar wise to Baggy's and the pair were clearly well acquainted. The presence of a traditional priest's mace next to him showed that he was a cleric of the Master of the North Wind, though.

His skin is dark, almost black, and like many hill dwarves from Derran Howe, he detests mountain dwarves.

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