Great-grandchild of the sister's gibbon's friend of the nephew of the Campaign that Would Not Die, now in 3.25e
Møøse Trained By: Hugh Foster

Herb Bloodrage

Herb Bloodrage


Herbert was the child of a human mother and an orcish father. His mother wanted him to have a human name so he would fit in better with the other children, failing to account for his distinctly orcish appearance. Herb struggled in school, “a bright kid without much focus” as his teachers used to say, often wandering off or getting distracted.

Upon leaving education, Herbert tried out many different professions, failing to remain dedicated to whatever his craft was at a given moment. It wasn’t until he became a torturer for the Thieves' Guild that he found his true calling. On his first day he locked the prisoner to the chains in the torture chamber then left to get himself a snack. When several hours later he remembered that he was supposed to be torturing the man, he found that the looming presence of the torture equipment was enough to make the prisoner crack. The thieves found they preferred this approach in a questioner; less mess to clear up, less noise and the victim would be more able to function afterwards.

This continued to be Herb’s strategy for a while, but it wasn’t before long that he started forgetting certain steps. After one particular week during which he forgot to lock the door to the torture chamber, allowing seven prisoners to escape, he was forced to leave his job. Herbert has been looking for similar work ever since, finding that very few individuals respond when you ask if they need someone torturing without doing them any injury. However, his work lugging big heavy pieces of equipment around had built his muscles to an impressive degree, and some training with the mercenary guild got him started as a warrior. At that point, his mother gave him his father's old sword, a huge, heavy and ancient weapon. He'd told her it was of Imperial make, from back when the orc people served the Empire, and that its' name was Divisor.

He remains on reasonable terms with both the thieves' and mercenaries guilds, though not a member of either.

Herb does his best to look for the good in everyone... then gets distracted and goes to look for something to fight

A shorter [than Baggy] but equally hefty young man with pure white hair and a peculiar pale blue shade to his skin and an expression of amiable absent-mindedness on his face. Heavy scale armour covered him, and a smiliar massive sword, this one of ancient and unfamiliar make, stood next to him within easy reach. This was the improbably-named Herbert Bloodrage, one-time psychological interrogator and failed torturer's apprentice to the Thieves' Guild, now a warrior in training at the Mercenaries' Guild instead. He seemed to know Baggy and a couple of the others and had started telling a joke, but seemed to have got rather lost somewhere in the middle.