Great-grandchild of the sister's gibbon's friend of the nephew of the Campaign that Would Not Die, now in 3.25e
Møøse Trained By: Hugh Foster

Lightning and Tellarans


  • Minensal: 2 (early in the year, followed by the rune for “death”)
  • Tzallis: 4 (last one recorded as early September 2100, just before the party wiped out the cultists there)
  • Thallith: 5 (up to this month)
  • Reital: 0 (several death runes, scored very deeply as if in serious irritation)
  • Narthal: 4
  • Varensen: 2
  • Belegond: 6
  • Old Empire: “Avoid!!”

The other is a list of shipments of the energy barrels;

Outbound to Lihard
Ten shipments of between 2 and 6 wagons with escort, dating from the startup to 2 weeks before current date.

Route is north to Kelorsal, then across the wilderness to Lihard; 300 & 700 miles, 60 days travel. Roughly, this means the last shipment is passing through Kelorsal at the moment; the previous one is somewhere south-east of Minensal

Cyrn Waethelin, 7th Nov 2100

Ground Floor

The ground floor is burned to charred stubs. Light partitions appear to have once divided it into 4. Bent and burst empty energy barrels are about the only thing to have survived. There are stairs down and the remains of a derrick over a hole nearby.

Near the front door, the wreckage of a substantial desk lies overturned. Half pinned under it and chained to it lies a charred corpse, unarmoured, with a few charred papers in his pocket. A lucky guess (ahem!) identifies this as Oswald, late owner of the spellbook from the stores, killed when the barrels outside exploded under Nazariel's Fireball.

Cyrn Waethelin, 8th Nov 2100

Cyrn Waethelin, 9th Nov 2100, Morning

(Journey across Tellare really belongs in the next log)

Session Date: 13th July 2021; in Cyberspace!