Great-grandchild of the sister's gibbon's friend of the nephew of the Campaign that Would Not Die, now in 3.25e
Møøse Trained By: Hugh Foster

Emissaries of the Dragon Gods


One is tall and lean, dressed in gleaming silvery plate armour and a short blue cloak that can be seen for a very long way as it glints in the sunshine; it seems to radiate a clear, bright light of its’ own. Her face is clear and noble, stern but kind. A huge sword decorated with a winged hit rests on the ground under her hand, and the emblems of Bahamut decorate her armour.

The other, also tall but heavier-shouldered, is dark and saturnine, with a glowering expression. His armour is black and red, decorated in a scaled pattern, and his flowing cloak is blood-red with arcane symbols. A heavy, cruel mace is slung from one hip.

No mounts are visible.

“Greetings, travellers and heroes. Your actions this day will be to the good of countless souls in these lands through the years to come. Please, join us, as we are messengers sent to speak with you.” Her voice is clear and bright, like a battle-trumpet, the voice of a leader.

“I am Elostriel, in service to The Lord of the North Wind, Bahamut Lord of Good Dragons,” she continues, a brief nod of her head at the name.

“My … “she pauses perhaps seeking the appropriate word, “companion is Jhairontor, servant of The Queen of Many Colours and of None, Tiamat, Queen of Evil Dragonkind.” The pair exchange glances of retrained hatred, she frowning, he smirking. “We are here on the same errand, much against either of our preference. Circumstances, however, are sufficiently extreme that our Masters have instructed us to … work together …” clearly the phrase is distasteful. “In your dreams, you have been told of our meeting.”

“As you have already discovered, the wrongdoers calling themselves The Cult of the Dragon – “ here Jhairontor sneers contemptuously, and she does not appear to disagree “- seek to restore Varkar Barduric, the Dark Beast, to life and to rebuild his empery over Alair. No God of the Stormpeak Accords will grant their priest the magic required to achieve this, so the Cult must look to other means to acquire the power and the ritual.”


Jhairontor speaks for the first time; his voice is deep and vibrant with harsh undertones and a thrum of barely-leashed aggression. “Sabath the renegade Trickster God is not sworn to the Stormpeak Accords,” he says with clear disapproval. “No-one can predict what he will do – as the elves – “ he glances at Talian with a hint of amusement “- can warrant. His Elvish servants may be involved in this foolish plot.”

Elostriel takes up the thread again. “From what we have been able to discover, the Cult has been unearthing, stealing and – in extremes – even buying magical items of the highest potency in order to break them down for their power. This is why they came into contact with you after the Blue Knife of Gîjark Mûprlûr was removed from its’ shielded resting place. Your actions have denied its’ power to them, but they seek others.”

“They must be stopped! Both our masters have received deific foresight, indicating strongly that you” her gaze moves across all the PCs [including the ones in bubbles] “people are the only ones with any hope of stopping them, some spark within each of you that makes you special – and only if you are as untainted as possible by Godly assistance. This meeting was adjudged worth the risk, but beyond that we dare not intervene directly.”

“Will you accept this quest?”

“While we are here, we are allowed to aid you from our own abilities,” continues Elostriel.

“Each of you may offer a weapon to either of us to be blessed – “ Jhairontor chuckles darkly at that word – “ to aid your struggle. I believe my colleague here has been directed not to include any unnecessary surprises in what he bestows, so you may accept his gift safely.” For the Bahamut worshipers, it is quite clear that doing so is unacceptable for them at least.

“We have also combined our powers to prepare these.” She opens a mailed hand, and resting on her palm are a number of rings [one per party member which is a non-number]. Each is crafted of a peculiar blend of brightest platinum and darkest obsidian. “At dawn, or at midnight, you may call upon the power of the Ring to enhance you - or someone you choose - for what you feel you face that day – make your weapons strike harder, or your reflexes sharper, as you choose. That blessing will remain with you until the hour of its choice returns.”

“Finally, counsel; while Cyrn Waethelin is the main focus of the operation of the Cult of the Dragon, we do not believe it to be the only one. Be alert for clues or signs to lead you to other nests of this insanity, for it must be expunged from Alair."

Session Date: 17th February 2021; in Cyberspace!