Great-grandchild of the sister's gibbon's friend of the nephew of the Campaign that Would Not Die, now in 3.25e
Møøse Trained By: Hugh Foster

House of the Dragon

DM Comment: Due to hyposomnic failure on the part of the DM, we slipped from Tue to Wed this week, and only Allan, Steve and Aimo could make it. Bijou and Dangerous, as Chappie used to say!.

Calagainbor's Tower and Elsewhere, Tzallis, 31st September 2100

Over the subsequent days, the dagger remained where it had been left, on the table in the party's suite; from time to time the mage would come and examine it carefully, or cast some sort of spell over it, or compare it to things written on paper. As far as they could tell, he never touched it once.

Baggy and Chambu visited their embryonic temple, discovering an improved attendance and progress made clearing out the abandoned building and tidying it up. The lay members of their congregation urged them to hold a proper service which they duly did.

One afternoon, Baggy, Chambu and Baylock were out eating at the better of the city's two eating halls when a watchman entered and came up to their table. Quite politely, he checked who they were and explained that Magistrate Daly would like their assistance immediately. Despite a few cynical glances between themselves, the three finished up and headed off to the Magistrate's residence.

When they arrived, Constable Roderic was already there. Dalyn welcomed them back to town, and enquired diffidently about the success of their last mission. "It's safe," said Baylock shortly. "But we're not telling you where," added Baggy. Dalyn looked distinctly taken aback, but eventually accepted that the mission was complete and directed a flunkey to pay over their hiring price.  Then he came around to the actual reason for his summoning them.

Some days ago, a frog trapper had returned from the Deep Trakar with a message from the chieftain of the Vudok tribe of lizardmen, requesting safe passage for an emissary to the city, to discuss urgent matters 'under a leaf of truce'. An acceptance had been sent, and the emissary was due today. This was remarkable. Since the destruction of Rich-Side (and the city's prior histories) this had happened only twice before. Dalyn suspected something momentous was afoot and he requested the presence of the party (or part thereof) as his elite troubleshooters. Baggy and Chambu readily accepted, but Baylock - less civically-minded - held out for payment for their time. Dalyn signalled his steward, shaking his head; "I think it's time I put you people on a retainer," he muttered to himself.

An abandoned house near the western edge of the city had been cleared out and prepared as neutral ground for the meeting, and the meeting adjourned to there.

An hour or so later, word was brought that the lizardmen had arrived, and a worried-looking watchman ushered them in. There were three of them, all different even to human eyes.

[mardain] [mokric] The emissary himself was big, even for a lizardman, seven and a half feet tall, with a confident air and slight variation in the colour at the edges of his scales that showed him to be a seasoned warrior. Beside and slightly behind was a slightly smaller but younger-looking warrior, poised as if constantly expecting trouble, his eyes flickering with leashed savagery.

[Kathas] Behind both was a much older lizard, slightly stooped though mobile enough, leaning on a staff behung with feathers, shells and bits of bone. Strange tattoos whorled across his hide. His whole appearance said "shaman" in clear letters.

LM came "under leaf of truce"
Step over weapons ceremony, all but Baylock
Frog trapper - Tran Drasutor
You have heretics and dangerous blasphemers
We oppose it
Kathas Ah it's a weapon then
Discuss; Blue Knife, query orcs in on the conspiracy - history shows orcs scorned by VB and unlikely to want him back
Lizards deliver names, rodric knows one has house
Dalyn suggests joint operation, party opt not to, mingle, good terms, recover weapons, head off.

B&C "collecting for church" at surrounding houses, asking about Olo's house
Next door, they keep to themselves, just the two of them - maybe a couple - (wife) oh and the pretty one

Baylock to back, works on opening lock (noticed inside) hears steps passing the door towards the hinge side
B&C knock, rattle the tin when Olo opens it (describe) "no thanks" slam door - dwarf in the door
Balock in, edge towards back room opening, surprise attacked from behind the door Hailsean - impy elf, Eyes of the Scorpion, considers tumble out, tries to kick door open, fails.
H wounds Bay kicks door shut
Baggy cestus hits door not Olo, pushes door open
Olo hits C
C Hold Person on O, holds
Bay hears running from behind, A appears, O rolls eyes in panic
A breathes fire over B C and O, B saves
Baggy DE, yes on all 3, draws sword, 5' step and attack
C sp wpn and move
H hits Bay
C hammer and Bay hit H, 0 hp, tries to back out of combat, drops rapier
O on fire but unHeld
A grows teeth and claws
B cuts A head off (crit) and kicks in nuts for good measure
Bay kills H, switch to bow
C Holds O again

Close doors
quench fires
check dead
pinion O disarm tie up
search, cash items etc
All 3 tattooed

Bgy brings LM Dalyn etc to see results. Rodric hauls O away for interrogation.
Dalyn pays party

Loot split

Session Date: 18th November 2020; in Cyberspace!