Great-grandchild of the sister's gibbon's friend of the nephew of the Campaign that Would Not Die, now in 3.25e
Møøse Trained By: Hugh Foster




A tall man with night-black hair and pale features sat near the doorway with his back to the partition. His eyes were unusual, yellow like a wolf's and with cat-slit vertical pupils. His hands as he picked at his meal were fast and deft and he seemed constantly poised to spring. Dark leathers and a voluminous cloak shrouded him, clearly designed to merge into the shadows, and a long plain sword hung at his hip. He too had a longbow and a remarkable number of arrows piled next to his chair, as well as a well-stuffed backpack with two big coils of rope hung on the outside. He seemed acquainted with Talian and Herb, as well as the warriors around the table. This was Baylock, a warrior and (secretly) guilded thief, rumoured to be demonblooded, as it was said the Lady of Chance had been in her mortal days.

Baylock had not, to date, been the Thieves' Guild's star pupil...

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