Great-grandchild of the sister's gibbon's friend of the nephew of the Campaign that Would Not Die, now in 3.25e
Møøse Trained By: Hugh Foster

A Message for You, Rhudien

Holy Isle, Denric Forest, 23rd October 2100

Chambu recalls that Bulette head plates can be made into magic shields, and harvests them.

Once the party get back to the Holy Isle, Dandelion strides forth, unslings his lute, leaps atop the stacked Bulette plates and proceeds to produce a stirring ad hoc sung account of the battle of the Bulettes. He lauds each of the combatants in turn, but lavishes most praise on their savious – perhaps just a soupcon extra for Chambu’s healing magic. All the survivors gather around and applaud enthusiastically; the song wasn't actually all that bad. He doesn’t use any Bard abilities on it, just performs.


Once that’s done the villagers gather around the PCs; every one of them seems to want to thank them at the same time. Finally, Thenian calls for order and more formally thanks them in the name of her temple and the village community; “You are ever welcome among us, and if you are in need any of us will aid if we can”. She speaks to the villagers, telling them that this is the moment to put the sadness behind them and begin to rebuild. With a smile, she appoints Dandelion village Mayor pro tem. This causes gasps, then applause. He’s a human, but the villagers seem to feel he has earned his position.

“If you head eastwards through the forest,” says Thenian, “you will encounter our neighbors, a community of centaurs and satyrs. This,” she offers a stick to the party in general, “is a token of safe-conduct.” On accepting it, a PC can see that it’s intricately carved around and around in a spiral pattern. “They will guide you to the eastern edge of the forest, from which you can reach the Road in twenty miles.”

Denric Forest, 24th October 2100

Heart of the Forest, Denric Forest, 24th October 2100

Finally, the party emerges into a wide clearing, glowing in the late afternoon sunshine. Dozens of centaurs, most less martial than their companions, and a scatter of satyrs – most hefting leather wine bottles. In the centre of the clearing is possibly the most beautiful creature any of them have ever seen – a snowy-white, elegant unicorn with golden hooves, mane and horn. It is immediately apparent that all the other creatures defer to her, and Rhudien bows before introducing the PCs to the Forestmaster, and shows her their token if he has it.

The unicorn’s voice is soft and thrilling as she welcomes them to the Heart of the Forest. Their safe-conduct from Thenian is a strong recommendation – and their actual quest even more so, if they reveal it – and she asks them how she may help. If they mention travelling east or ask for one, she offers a guide; “The tracts east of my domain are plagued by the Curst,” she says. “Rhudien can guide you through the safer ways, though it will remain dangerous.”


Eastern Edge of Denric Forest, 26th October 2100


Session Date: 2nd March 2021; in Cyberspace!