Great-grandchild of the sister's gibbon's friend of the nephew of the Campaign that Would Not Die, now in 3.25e
Møøse Trained By: Hugh Foster

Welcome to Tzallis


Tzallis - click it for larger image!

Tzallis (pronounced “Chalice”) was a small city built in the marshes on the border between Dalaghendor and the Trakar Swamp. The whole town is built on decking laid on strong stone pillars driven into the marsh. Being placed where it was it formed a centre for trade between the lizardmen of the swamp to the west, the humans of the bigger towns to the east, and travelling traders on the Galaglas River. The dragon invasions of Dalaghendor in the 1900s changed everything. Trade collapsed, the lizardmen went back to their old raiding ways, and - worst of all - a red dragon dropped out of the sky in 1913 and destroyed most of the better sections of the town, looting the richer businesses and inhabitants before leaving. No-one even knows its name.

Since then, Tzallis has declined rapidly, with a remnant of the population eking out a living in the wreckage. Few remember what Dalaghendor even was, or have any idea what lies around the “city”. Recently, things have become worse, because orcs have settled in some other ruins to the east and are raiding the town as well, in competition with the lizardmen. It’s quite likely that Tzallis will not long survive being caught in the crossfire.

Size: Small city
Population: 6852 – now around 1,000 (village)
GP Limit: 15000 5,000
Available Wealth: 5,139,000
Community Traits:
- Famous for yearly religious holiday (all Gods’ Day).
- Built on stilts in the swamp.
- Has an abundance of fish.
- Exceptional resources for use in weaponsmithing can be found in the area (slow burning peat).
- People here have a reputation for being grim (since the dragon attacks).
- Unique transport (mud-skippers)

Power Center(s): Conventional (magistrate - Dalyn Sunlance) and magical (powerful sorcerer – Calagainbor)

Community Authorities
Guards: 21
Militia: None

Other Places
          Mages Guild (5 members) dMa
          Thieves Guild (21 members) dUc
          Golden Fist Shrine (2 paladins of Pelor)
          Shrines & Temples:
               Aderra Shrine (2 clerics)
               Ehlonna Shrine (4 clerics)
               Lylix Temple (5 clerics)
               Pelor Temple (2 clerics)
               Triad Temple (1 cleric)
               Shushkrah Temple (abandoned)

Districts: Trade Magic Marketplace Tannery Redlight Garrison Guildhall Warehouse Tavern Slum Theatre Undercity WealthyRes AverageRes Temple Caravan Wharf/Fishers.