Great-grandchild of the sister's gibbon's friend of the nephew of the Campaign that Would Not Die, now in 3.25e
Møøse Trained By: Hugh Foster

Alair Tribulations

A D&D 3.5 Campaign set in the World of Alair, in a younger, wilder era, when terrible catastrophes have toppled many mighty powers and empires, and great tracts of empty wilderness are there for the exploring and - maybe - conquering.

This campaign is currently parked

This Week: The party approaches the Tower from the air, and deals with the Cultist soldiers guarding the roof

... summary logs being backfilled slowly, I hope to catch up in the end


The campaign will open in the town of Tzallis (pronounced "Chalice" but feel free to accent it a bit like "Mohhrd'or"). The campaign date is 2100, nearly 500 years after Sack, Surya and Hildraft's time. A very brief bullet point history update is in The World You Live In, and some more events of the Age of Tribulation are here. Those of you who have been to Alair before may notice that the place is a bit beat up these days. Some of that is due to the actions of some PCs...

There are some links to the Guide in these notes; the Guide is not entirely up to date yet, and if it clashes with the History, the History is going to be correct.

For one reason or another, you have either been brought up here or ended up maturing to adulthood here; it's your home - such as it is!