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Why Traveller?

On the face of it, there are other Roleplaying Games with much more going for them. D&D has its' levels, its' almost infinite scalability, and the ability to reward good play or success directly with experience points; RuneQuest has a far more beliveable combat system (well, OK, anything has a more realistic combat system than Traveller!). The version we play (the GURPS supplements are pretty good, but the rules set never really appealed) has been out of print for nearly twenty years. 25 Years of Traveller!And yet, time and again, we come back to this game.

I think it's the scopes. On the one hand, you have characters not too distant from "folks-like-us"; we can reasonably easily think as they do. And at the same time, you have the elements of high space opera; starships spanning the limitess reaches of space, anti-grav, laser rifles, powered combat armour.

A large part of the charm is the combat system, in its' current form. The venerable On Target hit location system, published in White Dwarf way back when it was a gaming magazine, with it's extremely detailed and bloody effects, allows players to "stitch it to them" better than any other system I know.

For those who don't know what Traveller is - here's a summary in two pages.


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The Foreven Project

A complete sector, adjacent to the Spinward Marches, in development now by Ace and The Dog for nearly fifteen years.

The Traveller Warbook

Descriptions and prices for all the weapons we use in the game, including some new designs created with 3G


Rules additions for Traveller from Ace and The Dog. Includes On Target.


Starship Deckplans, created with the excellent Campaign Cartographer.


An alternative add-on for Traveller, Aldreth, providing rules for Fantasy elements in the Classic game; created by Nigel Hodge. 96kb PDF file.


MegaTraveller ship designs created with Ships for Windows, available from the Downloads page.