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The Foreven Sector

An ongoing Project by Ace and The Dog Unpublications

Note, this has been bubbling for more than ten years. If we get enough feed back, then we may start work again; the sectors granted to Ace are notably undeveloped.

Subsector Guide

A generalized guide to the place, plus writeups of some of the more interesting worlds.

Political States of Foreven

The basic political overview.

The Races of Foreven

How the major and minor races fit in.

Nu Earth and the Genetic Infantryman

One very interesting planet, and an interesting, um, "lifeform".

HexMap files for Foreven

Files for HexMap, detailing the 16 sectors of Foreven as designed by Ace and The Dog.

The Bounty Hunters of the Toranaga Cluster

A Word document with the writeup for the Bounty Hunter character career.