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TravGen Traveller Character Generator

A Visual Basic program to generate MegaTraveller characters using the detailed (Mercenary, High Guard) system. Many, many races and careers are catered for; output can be saved as HTML files, printed, etc. Automatic facilites are provided to enable rapid generation for NPC creation, and "cheat codes" for those with specific requirements. Specific skills may be "aimed for" and a full history is produced. Random names are generated based on the race of the character; no guarantees are made for their pronouncability!

This version has been ported to Visual Basic 6, and has far too many fixes and improvements to be listed easily here - read the list here instead.

Important note: When installing this software, it should locate its' own data files and create a file called TRAVGEN.INI in C:\WINDOWS (or C:\WINNT depending on your OS.) If it doesn't, edit this file manually and make sure the line


(with the directory spec matching where you put the data files) is present.

I'd like to formally thank David Smart for his exquisitely thorough system testing on TravGen, without which many of the bugs fixed herein would have lived long and happy lives.

TravGen v6.65 full install kit (2.6mb)
As updates are issued, I'll post a modified .EXE here with the data files. If you have already installed any of my VB6 software, or have VB6 development yourself, or are upgrading an existing TravGen 5.7 or higher, use this download.

(9th March 2018) EXE and database only version 6.65 update for TravGen.

See NEWSTUFF.HTM for details of what's new.

. TravGen v6.65, EXE and data files only (458kb)
Instructions for customizing TravGen have been asked for; this text document describes what is available and how to do it.

Updated 3/10/2002 - more detail on career TYPE= field.

. TravGen Documentation (12kb)