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TravGen-M Mongoose Traveller Character Generator

A Visual Basic program to generate MegaTraveller characters using the Mongoose Traveller v2 system. Many, many races and careers are catered for; output can be saved as HTML files, printed, etc.

Important note: When installing this software, it should locate its' own data files and create a file called TRAVGEN.INI in C:\WINDOWS. If it doesn't, edit this file manually and make sure the line


(with the directory spec matching where you put the data files ending in \ ) is present.

FAIR WARNING. This software is Alpha test at best, and probably more pre-alpha. There are a load of things not incorporated yet, some that don't work, and some I'm letting go hang with a preliminary state before fixing later. Only a few careers are implemented so far. It may work for you and it may not. If it doesn't, please let me know on Support (at) or on the Traveller RPG Facebook page where I'm blogging the development.

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TravGen-M Install

TravGen-M Update Package

If you have already installed TravGen-M, you can skip re-installing it by using this package; simply pop the .exe file into the install folder (usually C:\Program Files\Ace and The Dog Unpublications\TravGen-M) and unpack the file DATA.ZIP into the \Data folder underneath that.   TravGen-M Manual Update Package