Prison Pit

Alice Abernathy
Manxolio "Manx" Orin
"Gripper" Thompson
Martha "Big Bird" Canary

This Session

With the secret out and the gloves off, the Jorait unleash the xenomorphs on the humans and the humans respond with the violence for which they are well-known...

Escape Over

Session D-007 marks the end of the escape for our ex-cons for the moment, as Aimo is off to Antarctica for another four months and things wouldn't be the same without Alice.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I'll be running some D&D 3e for Allan, Derek and Gord while Aimo's away, dusting off some old characters for a short rampage. After that we'll be doing some of Aimo's Cyberpunk and then a new full-blown Alair campaign will unfold for your entertainment.


Where Are We?

Every society has its undesirables. Criminals, the politically incompatible, those who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Most societies will imprison or exile such unwanted citizens. For an interstellar culture, this is made easier by the availability of entire planets to which the unwanted can be consigned. This is what the Third Imperium does with many of its long-term prisoners, and Odegra in the Koutala system is one such world - a prison planet.

One very popular form of prison planet is the hard labour colony. In theory, this encourages rehablilitation through hard work. In practice, it attracts commercial investment to cover the expense of running the prison. Cheap or free labour by prisoners allows the investors to turn a bigger profit. Odegra is run along these lines. Maximillian Industries 'employs' the convicts to work in open-cast mines.

A worked-out mine - colloquially known as the prison pit - provides acommodation for the six hundred convicts doomed to exile, as well as their guards and the other staff of the operation. Tracked crawlers transport the day's work detail to and from the working pit through the poisonous, deadly jungles that cover most of Odegra's surface.

Supply shuttles regularly bring supplies and new prisoners, and (rarely) take released prisoners away.

Life for the unfortunate convicts is spartan and arduous, unbroken by events of interest - until now!