Gallery 06 - Reital Castle

Reital1 Reital2-Gatehouse  "Gatehouse" Looking from the barbican towards the main gates, across the bridge which crosses the main moat (which I know isn't actually there on this draft!) Reital2-Keep  "Keep" Looking across the courtyard at the main keep, with the doorway into the Temple of Aderra on the left. Reital3-FromGate  "From the Gate" Looking down from on top of the gatehouse into the Inner Ward, main keep at the left.
Reital4-plans  "Helicopter Shot" As seen from a helicopter, or a Nightmare, or the back of... say, an extremely large passing bird. ReitalCastle  "Original Plans" These are the plans of the actual Reital Castle, in turn swiped from a real historical castle somewhere in England, though I can't remember where. Reital5-rain  "Outer Ward in the rain" A slightly more presentable shot, across the Outer Ward - scene of tournaments, training, and the famous encounter between Hildraft and an annoyed dragon. A nice angsty rain feel, may have overdone the gorgeous volumetric lighting effects though as it took three hours to render this one!