Gallery 05 - Grayhawk

Glade  "Glade" Skessuc of Clan Nakhra experiences rain in a thick forest for the first time, and is fascinated. Malkar  "The Revelation of Malkar" After being Restored by the selfless actions of the cleric Fangstrom, Skessuc the Jezharrain is converted to the worship of Malkar the White, and pledges his life, his greatsword Ending of Stories, and his powers to His cause from henceforth. Miggot  "Skessuc and Miggot" Skessuc confronts the shapechanged Jezharrain Miggot in the form of a small snake trapped in a chest with a mysterious treasure. BarriosUrak  "Barrios at Urak" Barrios Deathwalker broods before the battle of Urak; a scene from Chappie's Grayhawk campaign
Demonologist  "Glenarrion recruits a demonologist" Glenarrion persuades a demonologist to assist himself and Arden bin Shalutek in reclaiming their stolen souls. Not the most tactful man, even then Tunnels  "Tunnels" A scene from Chappie's campaign at a point where the party spent weeks (of playing time) struggling through miles and miles of mines and tunnels beneath an Orc fortress. Herla in the Snow  "Herla in the Snow" The Malakarian priestess Herla Okvar in the snow of the Olshay range of Grayhawk. A scene from Chappie's Grayhawk campaign. ApproachCam-A2  The Academy of the Dragon, designed by Steve and assembled by me.
SkyCam-A2b  Dragon's eye view, including the Temple of Jarik in the middle, the training grounds at the base, the dragonweyrs at the inner top, and (around 2 o'clock) three human-sized figures. Yes, the place is rather big.