Gallery 07 - General SF

PieceofGround  "A Piece of Ground" An orbital city, set on a loose mountain from somwhere; a cruiser approaches. HighCity  "High City " A modular city, built on a mountain on a world with a low-lying corrosive atmosphere. Islands of sweet habitability in a barren landscape. Inspired by a similar work by some other 3d artist, this is not an original concept, I just wanted to see if I could produce something similar. Moduloplexus  "Moduloplexus" The simplest of simple things, Molduloplexus was created by simply applying a pre-supplied Vue 3 texture to a plain cube, and placing the camera inside the cube. That was it. Another one of my favourite wallpapers. Update: I recently located the source file for this and re-rendered it with everything cranked up. This really improved the results! Rain Song  Just a sketch put together while listening to some Led Zep, but I really liked the way it came out