Gallery 02 - Classic Alair

Demon2  "Marilith" Using Dacort's Copperhead, this is a Marilith demon from the D&D game, armed with the bewlidering variety of weapons available to a six-armed multidexterous creature. Poor Poob the Peasant hasn't a chance. A test piece after discovering a tutorial on grafting extra limbs in Poser. GadPassage  "Passage" Working their way through Gadûhvrás, the party cautiously cross a junction between passages and head off in a new direction. Allan was going to use this as the cover for an RPG he was designing, one day perhaps. DwarfTower2b  "Dwarf Tower 2" Sack and Surya approach a dwarven watchtower in the Erean mountains with considerable caution. A scene from the Alair campaign. DwarfTower  "Dwarf Tower"  A view of a similar tower, with the surrounding landscape. One of my earliest pieces, the first ever with Boolean Subtractions (that's "making holes in solid objects") and still one of my favourites.
BurnedTower  "Burned Tower" A burned-out watchtower on the borders of Gloiran. A very early Alair scene. hillocksinthedesolation2  "Hillocks in the Desolation" This was my first ever rendered scene. Doesn't look much, but it looked reasonably like the scene I was trying to describe in the game at the time, and I was so chuffed. The beginning of a serious obsession :) TowerMountains  "Tower in the Mountains" A tower high in the Erean Mountains, the stronghold of the Kin-turned-Lich Artila. asilbattle  "Death Knight Battle" The final battle with the Death Knight Asildur Mithmaras; a scene from the Kingmaker arc of the Alair campaign
Asildur  "Asildur" The Death Knight Asildur, a Poser character snapshot Day of the Tentacle  A scene from the ruined orc city of Gadûhvrás - the Lurker Beneath siezes Sigred of Narthal, to the horror of Surya and Hildraft. Beholders  "Beholders Attack" Two beholders in the ruins of Gadûhvrás. A scene from the Alair campaign Gozan  "Gozan Vraspan " Gozan of the Kin was Varkar Barduric's greatest general, a military genius who had sworn to plant his master's banner in the ruins of Thornal. After the Slaying, there seemed a chance that he would ally with the player characters and sieze control of Vorsand, but he was unexpectedly killed by Sack (it certainly took me by surprise!)
ShadowGuard  "Shadowguard" The Shadowguard are an elite force created by the elves after the founding of Belamir, to use the techniques of stealth, shadow, and silent slaying in protecting their new home.  Parallels have been drawn between the skills and methods of the Shadowguard and those of the Fae Mhor, but the elves staunchly maintain that the Shadowguard are there only for good. Thallan  "Thallan" Surya of Tellare pays his respects at the monument on the battlefiield of Thallan. A pivotal event in the history of his homeland, Thallan was the only occasion on which an elven army was beaten by a human force. Surya's grandfather fought at Thallan, although at the time of this picture more than 900 years have elapsed and the battle is largely forgotten, something Surya plans to remedy. Animir6  "Animir" This is my daughter Elizabeth's character Animir, an elven warrior whose adventures happen in the same world - Alair - shared by Surya, Sack, Hildraft and Kobort. NewGroupRender  "Animir's Party" Animir was given a makeover - new haircut, kneepads, sword and face texture -  for the kickoff of a new campaign, as were her trusty comrades Thorkil and Zada.
Dalbin  "The Ruins of Dalbin" Surya of Tellare, Hansen the bard and Hildraft breakfast in the ruins of Dalbin prior to foraying into Orc-land. Surya broods. ElfHammer  "The Elf Hammer" Skufruss Lord of Dragons' reaction to a supposed letter from the High King of the Elves demainding he surrender Varkar Barduric's treasure; the Elf Hammer, a titanic construct unleashed on the elven city of Belamir. It did enormous damage in the marches before being stopped by the Firstborn for their own reasons. ToEnning  "To Enning " The party rides out of the forest and approaches the border between New Tellare and Enning. An autumn scene Hellbound  "Hellbound" Surya, King of New Tellare, walks the Nine Hells.
Stormpeak  "Stormpeak" A scene from the Surya-Hildraft spin-off section of the Alair campaign. Surya, Hildraft and Surya's son Prince Cuitech stand atop Stormpeak, the highest mountain in Known Alair, looking over the Erean Mountains. Seraphiel  "Seraphiel" Seraphiel is the Dark Angel, a creature half celestial and half fiend, deeply twisted and evil and quite possibly the most talented general serving the Abyss in the Blood War. BehindYou  "Behind You" A Surya scene; the Last Tellaran exploring somewhere deep and forgotten is stalked from behind. MsGothmog03  "Ms Gothmog" The alarmingly attractive form taken by the demon Gothmog, responsible for the destruction of Geriant's home nation, when she met with Surya of Tellare
New Knight02  "A New Knight in Alair" After twenty-four years in retirement, the paladin Geriant of Alqualin returns to the table, reinvented as a 3rd edition character and inserted into the world of Alair. This was the first version of the scene, with the knight atop a mountain contemplating his new world laid out below him. New Knight03 OrcFight  Geriant, hard-pressed by four orcs after leaving a pub in northern Stryre Blade Paladin - The Player's Cut  After Allan ran about four posts-worth of rain falling on Geriant, I couldn't resist this. The wet look on the metal was a complete accident I confess, but the rain took ages to set up and fourteen hours to render.