Gallery 03 - Alair Returns

GroupOGL  "Group OGL" A group shot of the 4 most active players in Alair Returns. The main reason to do this was to thoroughly test the improvements to Vue and Poser made by loading the real ATI drivers instead of the rubbish ones Dell put on my PC when it was built. From agonizingly slow to Beep Beep on Mescalin, wonderful. GroupOGL-2  "Alair Returns Group OGL 2" A revised and patched version of the first draft of this; mainly to remove characters' legs from the floor and update the lighting and rubble. Lynien in the Tube  "Lynien in the Tube" A scene from the Alair Returns campaign. The tiefling thief Lynien Savanoth, having dared the lair of Setram the dragon and made off with her loot, is surprised by the approach of a band of slitheren ratmen intent on the same objective. This means trouble. Tower Top  "Tower Top" Gorfang the orc stands on top of the citadel tower of ruined Amberlan and watches the fury of Setram the dragon as he devastates another tower across the city. A scene from Alair Returns.
YassukhirRender  "Yassukhir" The lizardman shaman of the Fionath tribe, and guardian of the magical green pyramid which could heal and even raise the dead. Needless to say he didn't survive once the player characters arrived! SetramLair  "Setram's Lair" A scene from the Alair Returns campaign. Gorfang, Méabh and Eloy meet the dragon Setram in his lair under the ruined city of Amberlan. RobbingSetramLair  "Robbing Setram" Gorfang and Lynien return by stealth and burgle Setram's lair while he's not there. A scene from the Alair Returns campaign. GLust  "GLust" Gorfang lusting after Lynien's muscly transformed body, and the tiefling's reaction to this.
Red-Eyes  "Red Eyes" Lynien when she's angry. You won't like her when she's angry! Red-Eyes2  An improved Red Eyes, with better lighting Vorsand  "Vorsand" The city of Vorsand in the Versate Pass, once capital of Varkar Barduric's empire and now the city of Skufruss, lord of Tarlanor.  Some new tricks used here, notably the lighting and the Go-Go-Gadget Ecosystem that generated the buildings of the city. Vorsand-PW  The same image, postworked just a snippet to get rid of the houses that had leaked out through the front wall
SkufrussM3Render  "Skufruss M3" Skufruss of the Kin, Lord of Dragons, is a major NPC from both the Alair and the Alair Returns campaigns. I modelled him before, for the earlier campaign, but technology has moved on and I rebuilt him from the ground up.  The intention was to make him even more gaunt, threatening and powerful-looking, and I'm fairly pleased with the results. Bloodied  "Gorfang Bloodied" Early experiments with masked bloodstains onto skin textures via Paint Shop Pro. The background just looked good. Gad-Dark  The Darkness of Gadûhvrás. Lynien, Eloy and Gorfang explore the ruined orc city Gorfang in the Snow  Gorfang in a blizzard
Eloy-Runs  Eloy Runs. Some PSP postwork to produce the glow representing nullity HammerCell  The Elf Hammer in its' energy caul, with Gorfang considering how to let it out Stronghold-02  Stronghold. This is not an original idea - it's a homage to Rodney Matthews' picture of the same name The Hammer Free  The Elf Hammer walks free for the first time in fifty years
Fall of Vorsand  Dragons swirl over Vorsand as the final battle rages and the city begins to burn Vengeance of Skufruss  The mighty projection of Skufruss of the Kin appears above Vorsand prior to raining destruction and ruin on the conquered city