Game Night

GameNight  "Game Night " Those who don't play roleplaying games will be puzzled by this one. Those who do will understand without any further preamble. The windows of the imagination open onto the shared worlds created in the minds of the GM and players in the course of the game.  A copyright nod to Wizards of the Coast for the images of the D&D manual covers. And a big hurray! for Renderosity without which this would have been impossible. Gamers  "The Gamers " Another attempt to convey the flights of imagination involved in RPGs. Tom, Dick and Sally gather for their regular game night. Dick has just blown a dice roll really badly, and his character has paid the price. Tom is preparing the throw the dice and decide his fate, while Sally has had an idea for something clever she wishes to do! The Gamers IV  "The Gamers IV" A return to a regular subject here - the depiction of Game Night in both its real and imaginary form.  Tom's rogue has just done something clever and inadvisable, and Dick's fighter is haranguing him about it, while Sally's ranger watches with amusement and a glass of wine. Meanwhile, his face giving nothing away, the DM waits his moment to unleash some nasty monsters on the party when they least expect it.  Maddie provided the Triceratops picture they have on the wall!