Session Logs
00: A Taste of Evil
Part One: The Italian Job
01: Overseas Assignment
02 - The Pinzolo Trail
03 - Arson around in the Woods
04 - The Battle of Cascata di Lares
05 - Stalkers and Explosions
06 - Getting Away With It
Part Two: Disc of the Sun
07 - Night Boat to Cairo
08 - Unauthorized Excavation
09 - Fairly or Reasonably Deep
Francoise Duval
Birapeer Mansukhani Singh
Anné Laurentine
Cyril Boston-Flint
Joe Vandeleur
Prof. Marcus Brody
(new character)
House Rules
Character Creation
Editable PDF character sheet
Dr Botho Erlichmann's Journal
The Fallen
Gregory Snickers