The Secret War Has Begun!

This Session:
Securing the Cup of Yima, the agents emerge from the Lost City of Var to discover that time is not absolute, and that the Order of the Black Sun have decided to step in and take action!

7th Nov 2018: This campaign will be taking a rest after this session, for several good reasons - the next bit needs re-writing and I'd like to relax and play for a while among them! It will restart once Steve's D&D has reached a hiatus of its' own.

28th Dec 2018 - An account of events between Session 32 and the next adventure is to be found here...

The characters have been gathered from a variety of walks of life, selected for their common features; experience of the supernatural in some form or another, and a definite will and ability to oppose the misuse of the occult by the forces of the enemy.

The forces of Evil are marching across the world, and they are entirely human; the War is not a creation of the Evil that Lurks Beyond. Man's inhumanity to Man is quite sufficient to create the horrors that will engulf the world for the next six years. The Secret War is the struggle to prevent those human enemies adding the arcane and occult to their armamentarium.

These are the chronicles of one team working in this cause, a group of disparate individuals attached to Section M, British Intelligence's secret department dedicated to countering the enemy's more occult operations.

Anné Laurentine Birapeer Mansukhani Singh Cyril Boston-Flint Jimmy Wispa Joe Vandeleur
Prof. Marcus Brody Francoise Duval

" ... if superior minds were ever placed in fullest contact with the secrets preserved by ancient and lowly cults, the resultant abnormalities would soon not only wreck the world, but threaten the very integrity of the universe." - HP Lovecraft, The Horror at Red Hook