Professor Richard Deadman



Harvard: BA Honours Archaeology and Ancient History; Oxford: MA Hons Histor y and Ancient History; Miskatonic University: PHD and resident Professor of History and Ancient History.

Deadman is one of the Allies’ most proficient users of magic and is able to access and learn a wide variety of spells, although he favours protective magics, and eschews the more sinister mind-warping ones, unless the need is absolutely critical. The spell selection shown is just a small example of what Deadman is capable of and Keepers may choose a selection of their own devising, based on what the Professor would deem appropriate for a particular mission.

Deadman has an incredible and occasionally infuriating eye for detail, and regularly interjects ‘did you know that… ‘to enlighten his colleagues as to the innocuous origins of some random detail, that sometimes turn out to be vital to the mission. Deadman is also an obsessive collector and has amassed a vast library of rare books, tomes, manuscripts and antiquities during both his studies and his travels. He has unprecedented access to library services throughout the academic world and extensive contacts in the shady rare book and antiquities markets.

He maintains a personal library said to contain copies of the forbidden Necronomicon, The Book of Eibon, the Cthäat Aquadingen, and the Cultes des Goules as well as many other rare and unusual Mythos tomes. If Deadman does not possess a copy of an esoteric work, it is likely he can quickly gain access to it. Deadman’s Achilles’ heel is his passion for and devotion to rare books and his personal Holy Grail is the endless search for the Chroniclos Atlantis et Lemuria— a tome even rarer than the Necronomicon, which is said to be the memoirs of a sorcerer who witnessed the fall of the lost continent. It is the one book which has consistently eluded him and the merest hint or chance of obtaining a copy is enough to set Deadman twitching. He may even forget or ignore all other current objectives in his obsession for possessing this long lost work.

Description: “Pasty” Deadman, as he is also known (much to his chagrin), is your classic American professor who gets caught up in the action but who just might have sufficient knowledge to defeat the Nazis’ Mythos magic. Instrumental in the establishment of both Section M and Majestic, he is a great asset to the Allied war effort and one of their strongest magical adepts.