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Rabble Generator

This program randomly produces a set number of random characters for either RuneQuest 3 or Megatraveller. Basic stats are created, but the primary purpose is to produce a simple unit of grunts, either for opposition or spear-carriers backing the PCs up.

A configurable text file governs the random assortment of weapons the characters will be equipped with, and their ability level can be set to be generated within certain bands or completely randomly. Weapon selection can be overridden if the unit you're generating is consistently equipped.

The Megatraveller option outputs the weapon, its' damage and Pen, the character's relevant skill rating, the hit points [house rule: 3x standard], armour points, UPP, and their average skill level otherwise.

The RQ listing includes weapon, damage including strength bonus, attack & parry percentages, SR of the character and the weapon, a random missile weapon in some cases, hits, armour points, Scan and Listen skills and the basic stats.

Output can be saved in a text file or as HTM.

WinRabble v6.1 full install kit (1.8mb)
As updates are issued, I'll post a modified .EXE here with the data files. If you are upgrading an existing installation, use this download. It's pretty probable that if you already have something like Ships installed, this download is all you'll need to run WinRabble.

. WinRabble v6.1, EXE and data files only (30kb)