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Vehicles, Robots and World Builders' for DOS

These are some of my earlier efforts, and it shows a bit. They're written in DOS and include the necessary libraries and data files. They run in "command" under 32bit Windows but on 64-bit Windows (ie Windows 10, thanks Mockrosoft) you will need some kind of emulator - DOSBox or VMWare or something.

It runs OK on WINE under LINUX and I think there's an Aplley-Dappley emulator for Macs somewhere.

Vehicles provides facilities for designing vehicles, aircraft and helicopters from the MegaTraveller design system, with a fair bit of house customization.

Robots does the same for creating robots

WBH does the World Builders' Handbook expansion of a star system that's already expanded with Book 6.

Bear in mind - these programs were written in the late 90s, and I was still training as a programmer back then. They may have glitches and they may crash from time to time. Sorry. I don't think I could recreate the DevEnv if it tried!

One fine day I will get around to re-writing them in a Windows format. Promise.

Traveller Worlds Robots and Vehicles for DOS