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Ships for Windows VB6 version

A Visual Basic program which guides the user through the tortuous process of creating starship designs for MegaTraveller. The program has been converted from Visual Basic 4 to 6, and comes with a Setup routine for installation. If you install into other than the default directory, you have to manually set up the SHIPSW.INI file - sorry. Simply point the DBLoc= line at the folder you installed into.

The software is laced with house rules and creative interpretations, so don't moan about these; however, if you have any feedback, please don't hesitate!

A zip with two sample ships is included.
Traveller Starships for Windows v17.1 full install kit

Ships Update Package

This is a ZIP with just the new features list, the .EXE and the database file. You can usually drop these into the folder Ships is installed in for minor updates. Note that if you've added custom data to the database, you'll need to do that again if you overwrite it!

  Ships for Windows update file only
Ships for Windows manual

Instructions on how to work Ships for Windows.
. Traveller Starships for Windows manual