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Ships for Windows VB6 version

A Visual Basic program which guides the user through the tortuous process of creating starship designs for MegaTraveller. The program has been converted from Visual Basic 4 to 6, and comes with a Setup routine for installation. If you install into other than the default directory, you have to manually set up the SHIPSW.INI file - sorry. Simply point the DBLoc= line at the folder you installed into.

The software is laced with house rules and creative interpretations, so don't moan about these; however, if you have any feedback, please don't hesitate!

A zip with two sample ships is included.
Traveller Starships for Windows v16.36 full install kit (3.7mb)
New! (17/7/2011) EXE and database only version 16.36 update for Starships. Install this if you're upgrading an existing installation.

This is a minor release, details of which can be found in the release notes here.
. Traveller Starships for Windows v16.36 executable and data files (220k)
Ships for Windows manual

Instructions on how to work Ships for Windows.
. Traveller Starships for Windows manual